Wanted You More

Jessie is the top in her class, head-strong, basically the definition of your perfect girl, but had no intentions of trying to be like every other girl, trying to get Zayn, the good looking, football star to like her.... she doesn't even really like him. But when Jessie get assigned to help get Zayn's grades up, he realizes that she is different from everyone else, will Jessie cave into giving Zayn a chance or just continue think he is a spoiled, stuck-up ass?


1. Late

I heard my heels click as I ran down the hall, praying to God that other kids were late. I clutched my books to my chest, and continued running until I got to my first class. Before I went in I made sure I had my pass, and quietly opened the door. The classroom fell silent and everyone was staring at me. I blushed at the fact that they were staring and walked in and closed the door. "Mrs. Evans, do you have your pass?" I walked up to my teachers desk, and nodded silently as I gave her the pass. "Okay, take a seat and then take out your homework, we're about to go over it." I nodded, and looked around the room. NO! Of course this is what I get for being late. I have to sit by Zayn Malik, the all-star football player who every girl fell head over heels for. I quietly walked to the back of the room, and slumped in the seat next to Zayn. I took out my homework, and sat there looking over it to make sure I did all of it. Suddenly, in the corner of my eye, I see Zayn staring. "Hey, are you new here, at this school?" He whispered. "No, um we've known each other since kindergarten, Zayn." I snapped. "Feisty. I like it." He scanned me from top to bottom and bit his lower lip. He turned around to his best friend Louis, and started talking about me. I just turned around. "Okay class, lets go over home work.....Zayn. Why don't you start? What did you get for the first question?" Mrs. Link asked. "Um, I didn't do my homework." He said. "Mr. Malik! This is the third time you forgot it! This will effect your grades ALOT." Zayn shrugged. "I'm sorry, I had to practice for football! " I head him say. I could tell this would be a LONG first period.

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