Writing To Abigail


Abigail was my best friend.
She disappeared one day and never came back.
Well that's what they want me to think.
But I know what happened.
You gave me the note, and promised to meet me again in heaven some day.
I write letters to Abigail every day, hoping maybe she'd read them, maybe she could help.
Sometimes I can feel her, but she's not here.
Abby, please save me?


5. June 27

June 27, 2012


I really wish our school wasn't an all year round school. All I hear is summer break this and that and I'm just like shut the fuck up. Well anyway, I actually decided to join our old lunch table for the first time in months. I've been staying in the bathroom like you told me to. And I gave in. Well thankfully not to food. 

"Do you want some fries?"

"Hey I'm not going to eat the rest of this..."

"I'll be right back, watch my food."

You know how tempting this is?

But I'm strong to fight the evilness of food. It is EVIL. Hunger is everything. Everything. Ana loves us. Both of us. Even though the stomach growling isn't exactly the most pleasant feeling in the world, I can fight it. Because if I ate, anything they offered me, I'd regret it, and I would have to wait until the bell rings so I could purge it all up the rush to class with bloodshot eyes before I'm late. But I'm strong. And don't have money in my lunch account.

You've taught me so well Abby. You have always been like my older sister. I followed you as if you were the Bible. You are everything Abigail, everything. Perfect. Perfection.

Love, Tori

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