Writing To Abigail


Abigail was my best friend.
She disappeared one day and never came back.
Well that's what they want me to think.
But I know what happened.
You gave me the note, and promised to meet me again in heaven some day.
I write letters to Abigail every day, hoping maybe she'd read them, maybe she could help.
Sometimes I can feel her, but she's not here.
Abby, please save me?


3. June 21

June 21, 2012


I can't purge I can't! I'm panicking! I just ate a sandwich and I cannot purge it up without anyone noticing! Please help me Abby. You were so perfect, so good, you knew how to handle your food. You knew exactly what to do for any scenario. Why can't I be like you? Why can't I be you?

I couldn't put on my skinny jeans this morning, it hurt my cuts too much. So now they're like falling off of me. I'm afraid it's going to cut one open from the friction against my cuts. I mean I wouldn't mind, I just don't want blood going through my pants, especially at school. I hope no one notices when I change for PE. Then again, no one notices me. No matter what I say or what I look like, no one ever noticed me. When you were here, I was like your sidekick. Everyone knew you, and since they knew you, they would talk to me as well.

I want to cut some more. 

But I can't at school.

Can I?

I don't have anything to use.

Come on Abby please help me.

Save me from this mess.

Tell me what to do.

Show me how to handle with life.

That's all I ask of you.



Sincerely, fucking asshole of a cunt ass bitch fucker Tori.

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