Writing To Abigail


Abigail was my best friend.
She disappeared one day and never came back.
Well that's what they want me to think.
But I know what happened.
You gave me the note, and promised to meet me again in heaven some day.
I write letters to Abigail every day, hoping maybe she'd read them, maybe she could help.
Sometimes I can feel her, but she's not here.
Abby, please save me?


17. July 21

July 21,


Today is our yearly trip  to this festival thing. My parents gather up the whole family and all their friends and we all go to the seaside to go to this festival. Of course, it would have been strange of me not to wear shorts. My thighs, covered in cuts and scars. I caked most of the fresh marks with foundation and coverup. But my old scars slightly show. I thought no one would notice, but a little girl came up to me, about the age of five or six and strikes a conversation with me.

I smiled at such a cutie, so curious about her surroundings, and even random things about me. Then she noticed my thighs. She frowned and asked "what happened to your legs?" I bit my lip, didn't know what to say, I mean she's so young I could say anything. Anything at all and she would believe me.

"Um, one day I was walking outside while it was getting dark out, then this loose dog came and scratched me up. It was crazy." I made a fearful look trying to describe the agony. She tilted her head.

"But your leg spells out the word 'fat' and dogs can't spell, dogs can't write."  she was quite intelligent.


"Did you do it to yourself?" she asked, maybe she knew more than her head looked like it could hold.

"Wa-wa-why would you think of such a thing?" I stuttered.

"My sister used to do that, I was younger then, and didn't know. But mommy told me not too long ago." she said.

All of a sudden it hit me.

"This actually was her favorite festival. She used to meet up with her friend Tori over by the ferris wheel. I wasn't allowed to come with though, just in case they met up with boys, I never met Tori. But I heard she's really pretty." 

I was speaking to your sister.

I didn't know what to say, what to do. If i should freak out or not. If I should fess up and say I'm Tori and that Abby was my best friend.

"I-" the words wouldn't come out.

"Please don't do that anymore. Abigail died. And I don't want anyone to die. Especially you, because you talked to me, and no one ever talks to me."

I've heard what your sister has been going through here and there. She has gotten bullied at school ever since you took your own life. They make fun of her for it, torment her. Why would anyone do such a thing?

"Okay" I smiled.

I wanted to cry and give the girl a big hug. But I didn't want to get in trouble from her parents, wherever they roam among here.

She loves you Abby, she loves you.

Love, Tori


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