My Brother And My Love

My name is siarah styles (Pronounced sierra)I have one brother and he is the harry styles i have a abusive step dad while harry has a caring mother we were split at age 7.I have brown hair down my back brown eyes i am 5'2 and im 18 i miss my brother and he will rescue me i love zayn we have met on Skype.


15. The Heart Wants WhatThe Heart Wants


Liam's P.O.V

I see her walking down the hall and i see her look at me i feel my cheeks turn red


Whenever I look at Liam he blushes.Does Liam Like Me?

Later that night


went out to the club i

As i was walking down the hallway i hear sobbing.

I knocked on the door and asked Liam if he was OK he said no.I said can i come in, again he said no i tried to open the door it was locked i said Liam let me in now!NO he said.I went and got a screw diver the lock was the ones you push so i opened the door what what i saw broke my hear i saw Liam alone crying in the corner in the dark i asked him what is wrong he said it is you Siarah you are my problem.I knew he like me but i am not leaving zayn for Liam i mean i like Liam to but i love zayn










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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