My Brother And My Love

My name is siarah styles (Pronounced sierra)I have one brother and he is the harry styles i have a abusive step dad while harry has a caring mother we were split at age 7.I have brown hair down my back brown eyes i am 5'2 and im 18 i miss my brother and he will rescue me i love zayn we have met on Skype.


23. The End part 2


6 months later

Ashley and niall are married and are expecting two twin girls named Marie and Aileen and Liam and siarah are engaged and siarah caught the bundle of flowers

Zayn has a girlfriend perrie from little mix ya that one he cheated on siarah with but he figured she was the one not his little sister

Louis has a girlfriend named Eleanor


Well i am not sure if i am gonna do a sequel so well goodbye for now

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