My Brother And My Love

My name is siarah styles (Pronounced sierra)I have one brother and he is the harry styles i have a abusive step dad while harry has a caring mother we were split at age 7.I have brown hair down my back brown eyes i am 5'2 and im 18 i miss my brother and he will rescue me i love zayn we have met on Skype.


1. The Abuse and Boys

My name is Siarah Styles.My dad or should i say Jack came home and said SIARAH GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!! No F off.I said.Bad Mistake I hear every step he comes up there is 14 steps so every one he took i got more scared.He came and pinned me against the wall and said Say It again.'F off" and with that he kneed me in the stomach and i fell to the floor he continued to kick me till i cry.

Harry's P.O.V

I miss my sister tonight me and the lads are gonna get her i know where she lives because i talk to her and i know what jack does to her

Siarah's P.O.V

I heard the secret knock i gt my stuff ready and opened the door and silently screamed i hugged him and he told me 'everything is better'.


I woke up in a panic not knowing where i was 4 boys came in not including harry.I got scared and screamed harry ran in and hugged me.Harry told the boys something i couldn't make out and they all said O in unison.The one with blue eyes and blonde hair said he was Niall he was quite cute.The one in stripes and a quiff said he was Louis.The baldish one with a birthmark on his neck said he was Liam.The cutest one with a quiff said he was Zayn and he is gorgeous.


A/N Hey well first boo and chapter tell me hw you like it and ill continue it and ill except feed back


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