My Brother And My Love

My name is siarah styles (Pronounced sierra)I have one brother and he is the harry styles i have a abusive step dad while harry has a caring mother we were split at age 7.I have brown hair down my back brown eyes i am 5'2 and im 18 i miss my brother and he will rescue me i love zayn we have met on Skype.


21. Dave


I woke to being tied to a pole with 6 other people.So i said Zayn,Liam,Harry,Ashley,Louis,Niall are you there?I heard a a unison of yes or yeahs or are you OK.I asked so how are we getting out.As Liam was about to say something the door opened and revealed none other than Dave.

Dave came towards me and lifted me up carried me bridal style into a room and tied me to a bed and began stripping me down so kicked him were the sun don't shine.He than slapped me and punched me in my stomach.Then he raped me

1 hour later

He brought me downstairs only in my bra and thong and threw me on the floor i began crying Harry came and hugged me i flinched he said it is OK Liam found a phone and the police are on the way.I heard the sirens so Dave came down stairs and shot Liam and Niall in the leg Louis in the arm and harry and me in the stomach an stabbed Ashley.And zayn well he didn't get hurt lucky

and the police came in and to him and us away and we went to the hospital


I woke up in the hospital since i got stabbed and healed easy and got released i right away went to Niall.And he was in a cast but getting up i asked him where was he going he said i and going to Louis and Liam and Louis had a cast on and  we went to see siarah an harry they were on the bed lifeless and zayn siting in between them crying.

i asked him what is wrong he said it is my fault if i wouldn't have cheated she wouldn't have needed o go to the beach or ran out of the club.Just the harry and siarahs heartbeat came back on and there eyes fluttered open and liam and Louis went over to him and me and Niall went to get doctors


Hello big brother i said to zayn he said hello little sister i asked him can we put this behind us and be siblings he smiled and kissed my forehead and said he would love to

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