My Unexpected Bad Boy

Iesha and Her two Friends Isabella & Malikah go to England For 3 Months. Iesha Meets a boy named Harry Styles and
He changes her life in an "unexpected way". He will show her something that he never has shown anyone and something she never expected want to know what it is Read and find out :)

*bad language and some parts might be dirty*


6. This Bitch !ch6


Iesha's POV

He gave me a wink then shut the door. I started to walk back to my room I unlocked the door and tried speed walking to my room but I was stop by Isa great I thought to myself she is going to know I was with Harry.

" Hey where we're yoooo I-Iesha why are your eyes puffy like you just been crying and why are you red " She asked with suspicion.

I was.... I was downstairs I said scared of what her reply might be.

" For 4 Hours ! You were with HARRY WEREN'T YOU ! " She said practically screaming.

I didn't notice what time it was it was 5pm .

Wait Isa I can explain I...I ?! I said before Isa cut me off.

" No ! I don't wanna hear it Iesha he's dangerous didn't you hear what Malikah told you the first day we got here or ARE YOU DEAF ". she said yelling I bet the whole building could hear it.

No ! I'm not deaf ! I agreed to go on date with him because he was beating the shit outta a boy I was talking too this morning for no reason . And he wouldn't stop until I said I would go on a date with him and now I'm scared and I'm tired of you telling me what to do and who not to talk too and now I'm trying to take a shower to relax but YOU'RE IN MY WAY ! I said yelling the whole time.

But I felt bad after I said that because I know she is only trying to protect me and I just took all my anger out on her.

" You know what Iesha I don't give a fuck no more do whatever you want that's your problem I'm done trying to protect and telling you what's wrong and right ! But let me tell you this when you get hurt and I know you will don't come crawling back to me ! " She said in a serious tone.

But Isa I-I didn't mean to saaa..... she cut me off once more.

" Dinner is almost ready " She sounded annoyed then walked away.


I put my iPod on the dock an started to play music I got in the shower for about 5 minutes it was just me and the music until I heard a knock on the door.

Who is it ? I said anxiously.

" Its Malikah " the voice replied.

What do you want ? I yelled back for she could hear me over the music.

" I need to talk to you now !? " She said.

Foreal can it wait I'm in the shower. I said

" No now ! " She said in a strain voice

Ok , come in I said

I heard the door open then close.

So what do you need to talk about I asked

" Isa left she said she needed space " Malikah said .

What ! What do you Mean she left she went back to the US !? I said scared awaiting her reply.

" No ! No she just said she was going out and might be back late " . she said

Oh Okay i said in relief Can you get out I need to get out the shower .

I heard a sigh and then I heard her leave so I got my towel over my body and I felt the towel get heavier so I guess the it was soaking up the water. So I got out the bathroom and took out some clothes to get dressed I went to my closet. I got a a pink and Black bra with matching underwater as soon as I put them on my phone buzzed. I got text from Harry how did he even get my number !?.

" Hey you might want to close your window next time you get dressed ;) but thanks for the show love x

-H "

I ran to my window but before I close it I could see Harry standing across the street on his motorcycle watching me. I gave him a disgusted look and closed the window and shut the curtain.

Ugh. That little perv ! I said to myself.

I got out a pair of skinny jeans , A dark purple shirt that was short in the front and long in the back and then I took out a pair of Galaxy print vans and slipped them on my feet. I Straighten my light brown hair to the finest straight lines and I let it hang off my shoulders. I was done getting dressed so I was ready to go out and explore sense I have been stuck in this apartment all week. I walked out my room down the hall I saw Malikah on the little couch we had watching the " Titanic " and eating popcorn.

Hey I'm going to go explore the city wanna come ? I asked.

" No it's okay " she said so concentrated on the movie.

Ok Bye I said

" Be careful " she yelled after me closing the door.


I've Been walking around London for about 3 hours now it was Sunset . My concentration on the city stopped when I notice a group of men walking behind me. Thinking it was normal to have people walk behind me until I started speed walking and so did they. I got creeped out so I started running I ran as fast a I could and then I saw this alley way behind a bar I ran to it I hid behind a garbage bin I saw the group of men run past.

Shit that was close ! I said quietly in relief.

I was interrupted by the sound of kissing I saw two figures straddling each other kissing each other VERY passionately it was a blur so I wiped my eyes an blinked a couple times until my vision was clear and that's when I saw it ! It was Harry and The person you would least expect ISABELLA !



Authors Notes

Did you expect that ? Lol leave feed back please <3 Comment/Share/Vote ;) *PLEASE don't hate Isabella yet *

-Isa ;*

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