My Unexpected Bad Boy

Iesha and Her two Friends Isabella & Malikah go to England For 3 Months. Iesha Meets a boy named Harry Styles and
He changes her life in an "unexpected way". He will show her something that he never has shown anyone and something she never expected want to know what it is Read and find out :)

*bad language and some parts might be dirty*


9. The FIGHT !! ch9


Iesha's POV


It took about 20 minutes until we got to where we were going. When he finally stopped the bike he got off the put out his hand to help me get off. We were both on the sidewalk in front of a house teenagers were outside drinking , smoking , and some were kissing very passionately. Harry grabbed my hand entwined our fingers and grabbed it tightly in a protective type way. As soon as we walked in the smell of booze violated my nose loud blasting music was playing and a bunch of drunk teens !! This was not my kind of party Harry told me to " wait here " while he goes and talks to one of his friends that called him over. After standing in the same spot for 5 minutes , I finally started to slowly walk through a crowd of people and bumped into someone very roughly.

" Damn watch where your going " I yelled.

I looked up at a mysterious looking boy and I realized it was Gabriel....... !

He smiles at me and I give him a fake little smiled.

" Hey Gorgeous " he says slurring his word's.

He's probably drunk ! He pushes me up against a wall and starts to grind his hips it didn't feel comfortable.

Oh he'll no stop it ! I spat.

Now his hips are crushing mines..... And it's really not pleasurable it actually hurts!

"Come on babe I know you like it " Gabriel gets to say seductively in my ear and moves his lips down to my neck and suddenly stops.

"What's this on your neck " he said sarcastically.

I covered the mark Harry left on my neck.

Please get off of me I asked .

He started to nibble on the already bruised skin and I winced in pain. He went to the other side of my neck and started to kiss it and he said

" How a about you become mine too sense you already let someone mark you slut !"

He sucked on my neck roughly at first I moaned and he smiled into my neck but then I remembered it was Gabriel and I tried to get out of his grasp and he bit down on my neck harder then Harry did I didn't think that was possible. He pinned me harder onto the wall when I jumped because he nibbled on the next bruise he now left. Then I saw him , I saw Harry he was staring at u. But his eyes weren't the beautiful green that would make me smile they were pitch black ! He quickly headed towards us and I tried my best to push Gabriel off but he didn't he was too strong! Before I knew it Gabriel was on the floor and with Harry on top of him pounding his face in the floor. A crowd quickly formed around them and I couldn't see anymore! All I could hear was Harry saying

" Don't you ever.......(punch)......Put your hands....(punch).........On her again........(punch).......... You piece of shit.....! "

I eventually made my way into the circle and tried pulling Harry off of him but damn he was strong! So I started to say things I knew he would like to hear " Please stop...........If you stop I'll go on another date with you "

And then as fast as I said it he stopped and got up and he kicked Gabriel in the stomach one more time and he grabbed me by the waist " Lets go babe " he said and I didn't dare disobey him.

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