My Unexpected Bad Boy

Iesha and Her two Friends Isabella & Malikah go to England For 3 Months. Iesha Meets a boy named Harry Styles and
He changes her life in an "unexpected way". He will show her something that he never has shown anyone and something she never expected want to know what it is Read and find out :)

*bad language and some parts might be dirty*


10. Just my LUCK !!! ch10



Iesha's POV


We were about to leave the party I Looked down at Harry's hands and noticed his hands had blood all over them when we got to his motorcycle he hoped on.

" Get On " he said harshly.

I Stood there and just shook my head i was in shock of how he lost control and almost killed Gabriel that led me to think what he could do to me if I ever got him mad.

" Get On or I'll force you on Iesha ! " He said angrily

No why are you so mad I'm the one that should be mad not you ! I said irritated.

"'WHAT! Are you serious " he replied

Yes I'm serious and you know what I'm tired of your attitude.

" I Beat the shit outta of the prick because he was hurting you ! You're MINE I have to protect you and make sure nobody and nothing hurt you.

You are so POSSESSIVE ! We don't even date like What the hell ! I said angrily.

" Where do you think your going " he asked

Back to the apartment where else ! I replied

I kept on walking until I felt Harry's two large hands grip my waist and. throw me over there shoulder and carry me back to his bike.

Harry............HARRY !!!! let me go now ! I said screaming.

He ignored me and sat me on his bike and then he started to yell at me I was too focused on how loud he was I didn't pay attention to what he was saying. He was so loud I had to put my hands on my ears . That was a bad idea because he only got louder and he got me up and he gripped my wrist. I cried out because I couldn't take the pain.

Har....Harry stop you're ..... hurting me . I struggled to say. He noticed how much pain I was in and he let go but it felt like he was gripping me.

What's wrong with you ! i said angrily. Tears were running down my cheeks . He didn't even say a word he just looked in my eye's with anger in his eyes. I Felt like I didn't have control of my body because before I knew it I was running away in fear of just thinking if what was going to happen next. 

I Looked behind me to see if he was running behind me but be wasn't signed in relief. I was a block away from the apartment complex when somebody put something over my head. I started screaming but then I felt a striking pain to my head so I whinced in pain. And I decided to shut up I was thrown in a car and we only drove for about 3minutes until in was thrown over someone's shoulder again and I was carried up stairs I think. I heard a door open and then close I was so scared I couldn't scream. I was thrown on the floor hard I let out a cry and the mysterious person took the sack off my head and to my surprise...................

It was GABRIEL !




Authors Notes


Hey sorry I didn't update I've been busy yesterday was my 14th birthday :) I had a Party lol so I was thinking that it was time to ask for someone to make this book a trailer :) Please I'm begging please if you would want to inbox me please <3 and if you have any ideas for the book or anything you would want me to change or add feel free to inbox me :) But please someone do a trailer for this book or Project Party :) remember Inbox me ;]

-Isa ;*

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