My Unexpected Bad Boy

Iesha and Her two Friends Isabella & Malikah go to England For 3 Months. Iesha Meets a boy named Harry Styles and
He changes her life in an "unexpected way". He will show her something that he never has shown anyone and something she never expected want to know what it is Read and find out :)

*bad language and some parts might be dirty*


1. First Day Troubles


Iesha's POV

~~On the Air Plane~~

I Was on a plane on my way to England. It was my senior year vacation and I wanted to go to England so I rented an apartment room for the summer with my friends Isa and Malikah. They came with me because I didn't want to come to England by myself. I looked out the window of the plane thinking about how much fun I will have and If I will find that special someone. I Turned to talk to Isabella but I found her totally knocked out with Malikah laying her head on Isa's shoulder. Were they really that tired we woke up at 5am and got on the plane at 7:30am now it's 10 in its morning. Well now that I think of it they have the point of being tired.

~~~~~Air Plane Speaker~~~~~

" We will be landing in London,England in 45 minutes"


~~~~ An Hour Later (Still Iesha's POV ) ~~~~~


We Landed in England it was cold in the airport but it was chilly enough just for a sweater. We had gotten our bags we called a cap we had gotten to the place that we will living for 3 Months.

We gotten in the room it was big it had 3 rooms a bathroom in each one

"Wow this place is beautiful" Isa Said.

" I can't believe we're in England " Malikah said

"I can't believe it either this is the best thing that has ever happened to me" I Said

Malikah's POV

Stop looking around and let's go and look around the building , I brought Cookies and Cupcakes in a basket to give to our neighbors , so come on.

Iesha's POV

We went all over the building until we only had one basket left and only one apartment left and so I knocked on the door. I was looking at the ground as I waited then I saw a pair of white converse step in front of me. I looked up to see a boy that looks my age with brown curly hair green eyes and perfect pink lips. His eyes were sparkling looking directly into mine I felt like he was looking directly in my soul.

He smiled and look me up and down and said " What's Your Name Beautiful ".

Iesha M-my name is Iesha I said. I took out my hand for him to shake it but he didn't so I awkwardly put it back around my back. He smirked and said so is that basket mine ? Yes I put it up for he could take it out my hand and he did.

So what's your name ? I asked

Harry Styles



Authors Notes

Hey it's Isa I'm doing this story with my friend Iesha. Please Vote/Share/Comment <3 Also read my other story Project Party :)  


* Harry is not famous in this story he is a "Bad Boy" lol :) *

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