My Unexpected Bad Boy

Iesha and Her two Friends Isabella & Malikah go to England For 3 Months. Iesha Meets a boy named Harry Styles and
He changes her life in an "unexpected way". He will show her something that he never has shown anyone and something she never expected want to know what it is Read and find out :)

*bad language and some parts might be dirty*


2. Date Night ??


                                                                                                       Iesha's POV

I woke up to the smell of bacon and pancakes. Isa was in the small kitchen making breakfast. She was the oldest out of all of so she was the most responsible and Malikah was the second oldest but she is the sleepyhead so I'm guessing that's what she was doing !

So how did you sleep Iesha ? Isa asked.

Good I guess I was up most of the night thinking about tonight I'm kinda scared I said.

It will be alright just don't let him get frisky with you ! Isa Said.

Haha okay I replied.

Go wake up the sleepy head ! Isa demanded.

I walked into Malikah's room and I jumped on her bed and started to sing Sleepyhead (remix by Ellis Gouding )

She put the covers over her head and groaned and yelled in her pillow leave me alone!

We have bacon an pancakes I said happily.

She shot right up and ran out the room.

Isa was serving us our food and then she set it on the table and then we started eating and talking.

{6 Hours later.........}


ISA ! Help me choose something to wear I protested.

Like what ? Isa Said.

Don't wear a dress he might think the wrong thing of you. Malikah said.

I stood silent as fear struck over me when I started to remember how he kept on gripping my waist and wrist not letting me go and groaning when he pull me close to him and how he said Sorry she. He scared me and the pain that I could see in his eyes . My thoughts were interrupted again by Isa and Malikah's voices

Hey ,What's wrong with you ? Malikah said.

W-what ? I replied.

You look like you were hypnotize Isa said.

Ooh I'm sorry I said .

it's 7 o'clock at you going or not ? Malikah asked.

No . I said in low voice.

I couldn't speak because I was still scared of the fact that I was remembering over and over again the torturing memories I had of him.

I will just um , um Oh I know ! Both of you can tell him I felt sick and I couldn't make it.

No I'm , I mean were scared of him he will know we are lying.

He's coming over here , I'll just wait in my bed room. But don't let him come !

Okay they both said simultaneously.  


{ 8pm.......}

It was exactly 8o'clock when I heard a knock on the door I ran to my room that way he couldn't see me. I got in my room and wrapped myself in the covers and listened closely too hear what they said.


Isa's POV

Ooh hey Harry , I got some bad news uh Iesha felt real sick. She's in her bedroom if you wanna see her but I don't think she would want you to.

Really ? He said seemingly not convinced.

Yea sorry I replied.

Well you can tell her that i actually dont believe that "BULLSHIT" and tell her I will see her later He said loudly. After he practically just told me off he gave me a smartass smirk and walked away .

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