My Unexpected Bad Boy

Iesha and Her two Friends Isabella & Malikah go to England For 3 Months. Iesha Meets a boy named Harry Styles and
He changes her life in an "unexpected way". He will show her something that he never has shown anyone and something she never expected want to know what it is Read and find out :)

*bad language and some parts might be dirty*


5. Anger issues ! ch5


Iesha's POV  


Harry..... HARRY ! Stop leave him alone he is only a friend I said practically screaming.

Harry kept on walking until he caught up to Gabriel he started talking to him and then the talking turned into arguing and In a blink of an eye Gabriel was on the floor with blood coming out his nose and Harry on top of him punching on his face like a punching bag. I started panicking Harry got up and started to kick Gabriel in the stomach I decided that's it was time to stop them I ran up to Harry and Gabriel and started yelling.

Harry please please stop. Harry please !

I pulled on Harry's shirt but he wouldn't move an Inch. I started crying thinking that was the only thing that might stop Harry from a beating a boy that did nothing but be nice to me. Surprisingly Harry stopped and got up kicking Gabriel in the stomach one more time then turning to me a he did that Gabriel got up and ran away while wincing. Harry tried coming close to me but I backed away. I was shaking my heart beating so fast he was still trying to get close and that's when I started running thinking that was the safest thing to do I was wrong.

" Iesha wait ! " I heard him call from down the hall.

I couldn't stop running he was catching up to me because he had the advantage of having long legs. I winced as he grabbed my waist and lifted me over his shoulders carrying me to his apartment.

Please don't hurt me I said while tears running down my eyes.

" Iesha I will never hurt you " he said .

Then stop trying to CONTROL me stop ACTING like you CARE about me when you DON'T ! Stop treating me like a A PIECE OF SHIT ! I spat.

I fell to the floor with my back against his front door. I looked up at him to see what he had to say but he just looked at me with anger in his eyes ready to burst out.

" Alright I will pick up you up at 9pm tomorrow night were going to a Party " He didn't even look at me while he talked I guess he never had someone stand up to him. I also don't get why he I mad at me I didn't do anything wrong matter a fact he did !

" And NO EXCUSES this time " he said finally looking down at me. He pulled me up on my feet with one tug he bent down a little bit sense I was shorter then him and he tried to get his lips meet mine but I just moved me head and his cold lips met my cheek. He pulled his head back up and gave me devilish smirk then cupped my chin and he pulled me close I tried to wiggle out but he is much stronger than I am.

" Just to let you know if you try and lie your way out of date with me again you'll regret it and No matter what you do or go or say I will ALWAYS find you " He said full of confidence knowing he us enjoying every second of this I spoke up and said.

I won't make excuses and I won't run I said in a strong voice.

He moved me I've so he could open the door.

" Alright then see you at 9 o'clock tomorrow night and don't be late I don't like waiting " He said with a wink.



Authors Notes

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