hopelessly in love

Courtney was spending the summer after senior year in Holmes Chapel with her best friend Chase. Coming back home for the first time in a year she was not sure what to expect. But she has an amazing adventure.


4. What should i wear??

 Courtney's POV:

I walked out feeling redder than a rose, as I started skipping down the street i felt the breeze brushing agenst my back, where my white flowy blouse did not cover. I skipped all the way back with the biggest, dumbest smile I think I had ever had. When I walked in the door I threw the sak on the couch and called for Chase. She didn't reply so I went outside to find her raking the leaves and I ran up beside her grabbing the rake out her hands and dancing around the yard like a lunitic.

" Give that back you stupid hoe, whats you're deal?" she said in a pissy tone.

" Oh nothing, besides the fact I have a date with that Niall guy from that boy band you're obsessed with, you know the one I adore."I replied to her as her hazel brown eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

"Whatever you lier." She said grabbing the rake back and starting to rack again.

"I'm not lying! It's tomarrow i'm meeting him at the corner store and he's taking me to lunch!"I said getting eritabe because she didn't believe me.

"NO WAY!!!!" She said throwing the rack down and jumping up and down screaming with me.

She dragged me in to the house and turned her sterio on full sound and desided we should dance around like fools. After dancing for about 30 minutes we got our bathing suits on and went out in her back yard to lay on her dock and watch the stars. We both fell asleep to the cool breeze and night sky.

I woke up and jumped up faster than I ever thought possible to the suns rays beating down on me.

"CHASE!!!" I screamed to get the lazy ass up. She sqeezed her eyes together and rubbed them.

"uhhh." She grunted thinking that would cut it for a reply.

"Get you're ass up I have a date in god knows how long with aguabley the sexiest man alive."I said in a loud tone, she bulted up and swayed back and forth a little before opening her eyes wider than i think healthy then bulting in the house with me following.

"it's 12:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She said in a voice that souded worried and anxioty filled.

" Why are you freacking out, you're not the one that has a date in 30 minutes!" I said freaking out big time.

I didn't have time to take a shower but it wasn't that bad considering I had one right before I left the morning before. Who was I kidding it was bad. I threw on my jet black mascara a couple time making my eyelashes look like little spiders, after putting on my grey eye shadow on my lower top lid.

"When should I wear??" I screamed at Case as she was just passing back and forth.

"The fuck if I know, I'll find something." Chase said practically yelling at me, for no reason.

"Hurry up!" I yelled back as I i was slapping on some peach colored lipgloss that looked really good with my skintone.

She came in with a black dress at just above the knee hight with sparkles on the whole torso stopping at the hips the flowing out whil I was doing my hair. When I turned to look at it my jaw dropped. I threw the dress on and stopped in my tracks. I looked in her full lenght mirror and I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world.

"What shoes am I going to wear?" I asked panicing.

"Don't worry iv got the perfect ones." She said as she was going to dig in her closet then she pulled out a pair of gorgeous red heels with a bow at the toe.

" What time is it??" I asked.

"12:25!Get you're ass out of here." She said pushing me out the door." You look gorg, now run!"

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