hopelessly in love

Courtney was spending the summer after senior year in Holmes Chapel with her best friend Chase. Coming back home for the first time in a year she was not sure what to expect. But she has an amazing adventure.


1. Returning to my home town

 Courtney's pov:

Packing my last few belongings before leaving for the airport, I thought to myself what it was going to be like leaving all my friends but being reunited with Chase. I have known her sence seventh grade and we have talked every single day sence then, no exeptions. We tell eachother everything and are always cheering eachother up when we're down. Right then my friend Brook walked in.

"Hey! do you need help with anything?" Brook asked.

"No, i'm just finishing up." I replied.

"Oh, okay well come here, i'm gunna miss you"Brook gestured for me to come over and give her a hug.

I could smell the lavender in her thick smooth copper colored hair. I felt a drop fall down my shoulder getting colder as it traveled down my arm. I grabbed her shoulders as i pulled her away, I looked at her and told her not to cry and i would ring her and keep in touch.

I guess part of the reason she was so sad I was leaving is because I was really the only true friend she had this year, after the insadent that acurred a couple years ago she never really had any friends. I felt bad for her not ever being able to feel comfortable in this town.

"Well i'd better go now, I dont want to miss my flight out of this shit hole." I said in a playful tone.

"Haha, okay. Do you want any help carrying your stuff to the cab?" Brook questioned.

"Yea that would be great, thanks."

As we walked out of the apartment buillding I saw the cab drive up. The cab driver got out and opened the trunk taking my two suitcases from me.

"Hello sir, to the airport please." I said to the cab driver. He was mexican and it smelt like old lady and must in the cab, terrible. The cab ride was silent as i watched the scenes flash by as we drove past.

When we got to the drop off line at the airport the total cost of the cab ride came out to be $12.

"Thank you" i told the cab driver as i walked off into the airport. After i got checked in and found my gate they had just started boarding.

"Ticket please." Demanded a flight attendent in a bitchy way. Her bright pink lip stick with a smudge on her tooth and fake tan did not go well with her rinkled face."Thank you, have a nice flight." she said as she handed me back my plain ticket.

 I was seated at 24b. I hate middle seats, they make me feel like i'm closed in and uncomfortable. A fat white woman with a fur coat on and atop her head was a revolting purple hat with a yellow flower center smelling like vinagar and garlic sat to the left of me. A skrawny business man with a trench coat and a top hat sat to my right. I was on the flight for 17 hours, mostly sleeping then finally we arived in Holmes chapel.

 I got off the flight and entered the crowded airport with an asortment of different people romming around. I went to the baggage claim and waited for my bag. When it came around I retrieved asked myself  'Where in the hell is Chase.' 




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