hopelessly in love

Courtney was spending the summer after senior year in Holmes Chapel with her best friend Chase. Coming back home for the first time in a year she was not sure what to expect. But she has an amazing adventure.


2. Back to the beach house

Chase's POV:

I was in my 2004 black range rover, stuck in trafic as usual. I couldn't wait to see her. 'HONK HONK!' The bastards in the trafic don't know how to drive. I took a short cut and finally got there, running into the airport, i think the fastest i have in a while. I saw her.

"COURTNEY!!!" I ran up to her and hugged her as tight as I possibly could. She hugged me back and we were both tearing up.

"Where the hell have you been?"She said loudly with a funny look on her face.

"Damn traffic" I replied

She had dyed her hair to a brown with a tint of red and it flowed down to about half way down her back. Her pail skin looked really good and fitting to the color.

"Nice hair" i said trying to make conversation as we were lugging her bags out to the range rover.

" Thanks, i like it alot, brings out my eyes" She said with a scrunched up smile on her face.

" Thats attractive..." I commented on her facial expresion.

We got to the range rover and threw her bags in the back seat. We got in and were on our way to the beach house.


Courtney's POV:

I saw her running up to me and we hugged. I grabbed my bags and we walked towards the range rover she had had for 2 years now we fastened our seatbelts and left the airport. I watched the sun, it was so big and bright in the sky and I could feel it's rays beaming down on my by the warmth through the window.We arrived at the beach house she had lived in sence she was 14. When her parents died she got the house which I take as a good thing because it was the most beautiful beach house i had ever seen.

I dragged my bags into the spare bedroom she left just for me. There were 2 night stands one on either side of the bed. The bed spred was beautiful black, white and purple covered in black swerlies. there was a black mirrow on the wall opposite of the bed and a black dresser lined up perfectly underneath the mirror. I looked in the mirror and I looked exausted. I unpacked my clothes into the dresser and stored my suitcases in the closet to the right side of the bed.

"Hey, you hungery?" Chase asked.

'No, it's ok, I was just about to walk up to the mini store up the street, wanna fallow?" I asked her.

" Naw, I really need to pick up around her and do some yard work, sorry" She replied

" It's fine I should be back soon. Do you need anything?"I questioned her.

"Yes will you please her butter,bread,dish soap and a gallon of 2% milk?"

"Yea sure, see you soon" I said walking out one of the two huge glass doors.

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