The new girl.

Lilly is the new girl everyone has been expecting since the middle of the school year.But because the teachers always brag about her.Now she finally comes and eventually,everyone seems to notice the reason why the teachers bragged.She's obviously hot and nice,so her popularity increases during time,until she gets noticed by the most hottest guys in the school.Will she steal their heart?or is she just going to be a normal school girl for them?


3. Lunch turned into a double date?

Lilly's P.O.V


I had been eating for quite a while,when Natalie called me."hey,Lilly!come over here boo,i need to tell you something."she yelled grinning.I got confused and dropped my fork.I stood up almost choking on my chicken.ugh,what does this girl want now lol?I went over to Natalie,and she was already spilling whatever she needed to say."hey,so,me and the girls are planning to go to my house after school.Wanna come?"she asked with a small smirk.I thought in mind about what could happen if i said yes.Well,i actually had a positive thought."sure!"i answered.She smiled and gave me a card."meet me here,there we can go off".

I awkwardly took the card and thanked her.I guess I'll go.Anyways,i just stared at the ground while walking back to the table.I literally,had no idea of what was about to happen.And as i thought,I bumped into two shoulders.I quickly looked up and found Gabriel with some other cutie."Lilly!......your the person i needed to talk to."he gaspingly said.I shrugged my eyebrows."what?","i need to talk to you about earlier."he said reminding me about today in 4th period. "oh,o-ok.What's up?"i nervously said.Right now,he could spill some words that i may never forget."well-"he looked up to cutie."Maybe before i start,this is harry.Kayla's boyfriend."oh,so he was Kayla's.

"oh,hey"i shyly added.He just smile cheeky and waved at me.That made me return the smile."so yeah,look,your a very pretty girl and,i understand that you won't go out with me because we barely know each other"he gave me a sad looking face,i nodded slowly motioning him to continue."and well,i was thinking,maybe we should start hanging out together and maybe we could be friends with benefits.I was secretly shocked by his comments and his eagerness to have me."sounds great!"i wasn't lieing.For once,i needed that someone to care for me.But that didn't mean i was automatically his girlfriend.Like he said,we were going to hangout and see if we could really kick it up a notch.

He smiled,and i could feel the happiness i had bought him."well why don't we sit together with Kayla and Harry?"he said.I didn't really like the idea.Um,that would be kinda awkward.Then he slowly leaned in my ear."maybe we should pretend we are going out already so that they don't make the situation awkward"what?!,no!,who cares what they say?If we aren't a couple,why should they care?"ok"i falsely nodded.I wasn't really ready for this.I suck at lieing."well then go get your food........babe"he gave me a smirk.I gulped quietly and went over to the table.Harry sadly knows the lie,now he must act,like he never knew we were a "couple".

As i arrived,Kayla opened her mouth."Lilly?where were you?"she asked me with wide curious eyes.I had to lie i had to lie! "um,i,oh!i was just meeting a teacher."wow,see,i hate and suck at lieing."ok?"she furrowed her eyebrows.Then harry came up to her and tangled his arms around her waist."hey love,lets eat together"he said with the deepest most sexiest voice ever."kk"she smiled.She lifted her tray and faced me."wanna come?","oh yeah sure,i got to show you my boyfriend too"i said.She got even more surprised and just smiled."well then,we shall call it a,double date" what?why?I just frowned and got my tray.Was i really ready to lie to such a big thing?
















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