The new girl.

Lilly is the new girl everyone has been expecting since the middle of the school year.But because the teachers always brag about her.Now she finally comes and eventually,everyone seems to notice the reason why the teachers bragged.She's obviously hot and nice,so her popularity increases during time,until she gets noticed by the most hottest guys in the school.Will she steal their heart?or is she just going to be a normal school girl for them?


1. Going to school.

Lilly's P.O.V


I breathed heavy and my heart raced as the bus jumped every time it hit a hole in the road.My mouth was dry and my hands were shaking.Every time i faced the person next me,he would smirk me.Why?

"hey,are you the new girl?"he asked me with such calmness.I smiled half-Ly and replied."um....y-yes"he smiled big and faced his friends.I guess now everyone will know now.

"well your very cute"he suddenly said snapping me out of space.I smiled again and thanked him.What the fuck?I don't even know him and he's already hitting on me?Ok.......

10 minutes passed and finally!i was at school?omg this school is big,huge,and freakin rich.Like literally all the girls here had their expensive uggs and north face jackets.I couldn't quit staring at these billionaire girls and boys.They were in groups and cliques.I had an idea that someone could pull me any moment.I was hoping for a very big opportunity in this school,after all,i did move here and there was another school for an option but i decided to go here hoping to graduate and become a doctor.

I got off the bus and everyone obviously stared at me and whispered while they were at it.The girls seemed like experts at it though.The boys just smirked at me.I didn't really care though,i mean that's what everyone has to go through when they are new to a high school.

As i stepped inside,someone grabbed my arm and pulled me hard!"hey are you new?....yes you are,well welcome dear!" some random blonde said.I gave her a confused smile."thanks?"i replied furrowing my eyebrows."your wanna come over to meet my friends?","i actually have to go to the main office first"i said hoping for a good answer.She smiled and nodded letting me go.

I got in the school and thought about how i think i already made a bud.But then again,i think they are just obligated to do that here.Well,i went inside the office and it smelled originally good.The smell of coffee mixed with printer smoke and the flowers that decorated it.

The teachers there smiled at me,i returned it of course,but then i looked through a window at some very nice looking students who seemed to be crying or sniffing.I just frowned and thought of issues that could've bought them there.

"um excuse me?do you need help dear?"someone said,i quickly turned around and got startled"um...yes,i actually am new,and i just need my schedule."i replied shyly and very scared!He nodded and went somewhere.I just sat down and thinked of what could happen today.

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