The new girl.

Lilly is the new girl everyone has been expecting since the middle of the school year.But because the teachers always brag about her.Now she finally comes and eventually,everyone seems to notice the reason why the teachers bragged.She's obviously hot and nice,so her popularity increases during time,until she gets noticed by the most hottest guys in the school.Will she steal their heart?or is she just going to be a normal school girl for them?


5. Could he be the one?

Lilly's P.O.V


Gabriel and i had been sitting together the whole time in 6th period.Apparently our "Spanish teacher"had something better to do than teach.Talk to his girlfriend.The thought made me laugh and frown at disgust.OK first of all,that's nice for him to have a love,but ewe!He was speaking so "sexy type"and his laugh was i guess trying to be manly.Compared to me and Gabriel.He had his arms around my waist and i was sitting on his laps,while the other couples did the same."dude,you have got the bait!"one of his guy friends whispered.But not silent enough,i hear him.

"dude!chill out" Gabriel said embarrassed."what?you obviously have a hot girl sitting on you,what do you expect?"his friend Seth said.I rolled my eyes and i felt like i needed to get out of there."hey um i need to use the restroom"i said.Gabriel like always,wanted to go with me."ok,lets go"he said with a bit of a smirk.Um not inside.Why did he like to follow me everywhere?ugh!it was getting annoying.

Me and my "hubby" had been walking already for about 2 minutes,when Gabriel grabbed my hand."hey,whats the rush?"he asked anxiously.I started to shake and feel goosebumps."Gabriel,im not comfortable,that's all"i replied annoyed."well i will make you feel comfortable"he said.I got confused.Then Gabriel grabbed my waist,pushed me to the wall,and started to kiss me again.But we weren't in front of his friends no more.So now did he take our "relationship" seriously?"Gabriel"i managed to say while his lips pushed mine.

He finally pulled back."yes my love?"he asked with a smirk.I got even more annoyed."you know im not your love!"i whispered at him with anger.He chuckled."You will be though"he reassured me.Excuse me?!"what?"i asked."i will steal your heart Lilly,i love you and i want you to be mine,so i will do anything to take you"he said.I couldn't believe that he liked,loved me so much! Now the question is:should i give him a chance?or should i just leave him suffering?The decision was hard,and i couldn't really stabilize my mind right now.Suddenly Gabriel hugged me."could you be my girlfriend this time?"he asked.What?He read my mind.

I breathed heavy and my forehead was sweating."oh i don't know Gabriel."i replied with a frown.I really didn't know if i should give him a chance.I mean he is hot and a good kisser,but i just don't love him enough yet."look,maybe we just need to spend some more time together,and trust me,once we do,i will have the answer to your question","but what's holding you back though?",i sighed loudly."insecurity"i silently said.I could see the sadness in his eyes.It was true though.I wasn't really convinced by him yet.

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