The new girl.

Lilly is the new girl everyone has been expecting since the middle of the school year.But because the teachers always brag about her.Now she finally comes and eventually,everyone seems to notice the reason why the teachers bragged.She's obviously hot and nice,so her popularity increases during time,until she gets noticed by the most hottest guys in the school.Will she steal their heart?or is she just going to be a normal school girl for them?


2. Classes.

Lilly's P.O.V


I had gotten my schedule and for the past 5 minutes,i had wasted my time looking for the science room.When i realized,it was practically in my face.I sighed and rolled my eyes.Then i went in only to find the teacher talking and teaching,darn!,i had went in at a bad moment.I stopped moving and everyone immediately turned to face me,the teacher got upset,i could tell." new,and this is my first class"i silently said trying not to alarm the students so much.I could hear the whisper's though.'ugh she's so ugly' or 'what the hell is this girl doing here?'The teacher took a moment of silence and then he reacted."well uh take a se-"he was cut off by some girls."she can sit here Mr.Wesley."another random blonde called out. The teacher,Mr.Wesley,motioned his hand and i just went straight to the desk.

"hey,are you ne-","yes"those questions were getting me numb already."well,your my best friend ok?"she said grinning. What?i just met her and we were already best friends?I hadn't even thought of her as a friend,maybe an acquaintance,but not a friend."ok?"i returned a fake smile.She tapped her pen on the desk and i looked around.Most girls were whispering.The guys seemed calm,i guess i was just talking to a normal non popular girl.Until someone tapped my shoulder."hey,you are pretty lucky,the girl next to you,is pretty much one of the most popular girls in this school,enjoy your time,this girl could get you to the top."a very nice looking brunette said smiling."cool......"i replied not caring.

Ugh!Finally it had been passed all those torturous classes,but while i was in them,some really cute guy asked me to be his girlfriend.Of course i denied it,but he was cute.I just couldn't go out with someone i had met only 45 minutes ago though.That wouldn't have been right.I also made so many girl friends.So much that i lost track.

I was thinking of all of this and walking down the hall to lunch when someone pulled my hand."Lilly,sit next to me.I want you to meet my boyfriend and a lot of friends."the same girl that had said to sit next to her in science added.I smiled and nodded.I followed her,and apparently,she takes the front of the line!"no!your not sticking at the end Hun,we work in front"i heard her say.I got confused and just sighed.

After i had gotten my food,Kayla,lead me to a table very full of people."don't mind the loudness"she leaned in my ear.I chuckled a little.I then settled my plate on the wooden table that was polished."hey who's that?"some girl asked.Oh god this has got be good!

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