The new girl.

Lilly is the new girl everyone has been expecting since the middle of the school year.But because the teachers always brag about her.Now she finally comes and eventually,everyone seems to notice the reason why the teachers bragged.She's obviously hot and nice,so her popularity increases during time,until she gets noticed by the most hottest guys in the school.Will she steal their heart?or is she just going to be a normal school girl for them?


6. author's Note

Hey guys!this note is to just inform you that i will not be continuing "the new girl" due to the way i have written it.I do not like how it is going.So i will discontinue this movella but!i will make a new one,and trust me,it will be good.So please check it out once it comes out.But thank you all who Favorited and liked it,you could chose to dis like it and dis Favorite it.But since this was just practice,the next one will be even more amazing and excellent.So thanx!!:)




                                                >.< THANK YOU................

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