The life of Louis Tomlinson sister

Megan Tomlinson is Louis tomlinsons little sister, megan had just graduated high school and is forced to live with Louis! But it's not all that fun Louis forbids her to hang out with any of the guys and Megan is in love with one of the band members and he loves her back but will Louis approve?


7. totally unfair!!!!!!

megans pov
i woke up cause i thought i heard noises i saw harry, niall, zayn, louis and liam sitting in the liveing room i quitly went down stairs and hid in the kitchen
guys i dont want you dateing my sister said louis and that means you zayn
why not said zayn
because she’s my baby sister and i dont want her to get hurt said louis
THATS SO UNFAIR!!!! i yelled
every one turned and looked at me
megan go back to back to bed this is none of your concern said louis
yes it is! you cant choose who i can and can not date! im 18!!! i yell
megan, stop im doing this for you now go back to bed said louis
i looked at the others and back at louis
no isay
what did you say said louis glareing me
no im staying here i say sitting down next to liam
fine i say getting up but before i go to my room a walked up to zayn and grabed him and gave him a long kiss
now im going to bed i say to louis
he just stood there speechless while i ran up to my room
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