The life of Louis Tomlinson sister

Megan Tomlinson is Louis tomlinsons little sister, megan had just graduated high school and is forced to live with Louis! But it's not all that fun Louis forbids her to hang out with any of the guys and Megan is in love with one of the band members and he loves her back but will Louis approve?


9. she's gone

louis pov
i woke up the next day and looked at the pictures of me and megan on the wall i began to frown i hope she wasnt mad at me i thought
i walked down the hall and stoped at her door and knocked megan its me louis i say
but there was no answer
im sorry about last night please come out i say
still no answer
okay im comeing in i say
and with that i opened the door and saw her room empty
megan? i ask she wasnt in her room
i then ran downstairs and busted zayn’s door open
he sat up with a confused look on his face
i ran to him and grabed him by the shirt and pushed him against the wall
where is she?!?!? i screamed in face
where’s who? asked zayn gasping for air
megan she’s gone! i yell then the others came in
louis calm down said liam
i cant calm down! my sister is gone! i yell
dude i know your angry but look at what your doing to zayn said niall
i turned and saw zayn turning purple
louis… i …. dont…. know… where she is said zayn gasping for air
im sorry i say
just dont do anything like that again said zayn
dont worry we’ll find her said liam with a hand on my shoulder
i’ll go look for her said harry walking out of the room
i looked up and saw zayn drinking water and trying to get some air
dude im so sorry i shouldnt have taken my anger on you i say to zayn
no worries said zayn
well i know one thing said harry walking in
what i say
she has my car said harry
are you searious? asked niall
yep when i went to get my keys they wernt there and when i looked out the window i saw that my car wasnt in the driveway said harry
then i’ll call her said liam pulling out his phone
it went straight to voicemail said liam after a few seconds
i cant believe she’s gone i say
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