The life of Louis Tomlinson sister

Megan Tomlinson is Louis tomlinsons little sister, megan had just graduated high school and is forced to live with Louis! But it's not all that fun Louis forbids her to hang out with any of the guys and Megan is in love with one of the band members and he loves her back but will Louis approve?


19. maybe I was a little to harsh

megans pov
hey said louis
hi i say
why? asked louis
why what? i asked
why didnt you kiss zayn a few seconds ago asked louis
because if we did you would have been upset snd it would have been just like last time i say sitting down
well maybe i was a little to harsh about that said louis
yeah you kinda were i say
go said louis
what? i ask
you can date zayn said louis
thank you louis! i say hugging him
i then ran downstairs into the kitchen
where’s zayn? i ask
uh in the liveing room said liam
i ran into the liveing room where i saw him watching spiderman 2 i then picked up the remote and paused it
hey i was watching that said zayn
so? im your girlfriend i say
girlfriend? but louis- began zayn
said i could date you i say
are you searious? said zayn
yep i say
and for his answer was a long passonite kiss
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