The life of Louis Tomlinson sister

Megan Tomlinson is Louis tomlinsons little sister, megan had just graduated high school and is forced to live with Louis! But it's not all that fun Louis forbids her to hang out with any of the guys and Megan is in love with one of the band members and he loves her back but will Louis approve?


5. I'm not a kid anymore Lou, I'm growing up

megans pov
louis wait i say chaseing after him
i ran downstairs and ran into niall
niall? have you seen louis? i ask
yeah follow me said niall
i followed him outside and he pointed to the roof and i saw louis
i’m going up there i tell niall climbing the ladder
hey i say once i reach the top
hi said louis in a quiet voice
are you okay? i ask
yeah its just your my little sister and i want to protect you said louis
but im not a kid anymore lou, im 18 i’m growing up i said
i know but no matter how old you get your always going to be my little sister said louis
lou? were you surprised to see my graduation picture that mum had sent you? i ask
yeah i almost cried said louis
why? i ask
because you looked so grown up said louis crying
aww lou dont cry i say
i’m sorry said louis wipeing his tears
well im going to go inside i say getting up but louis just stayed in his spot
you comeing? i ask
nah i’m gonna stay out here for awhile said louis
when i walked inside i saw zayn sitting on the couch
hey i say
how’s he doing asked zayn
good i say he just wants to protect me i say
i know the same way he feels said zayn
you do? i ask sitting down
yeah i have sisters too said zayn
really?i ask
and for his answer was a kiss
hey do you think louis would allow us to date i ask
i dont we should ask said zayn leading me to the backyard
um i dont think right now would be a good time i say
your right said zayn
well its getting late im going to bed i say
okay night said zayn giving me a kiss and a hug
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