The life of Louis Tomlinson sister

Megan Tomlinson is Louis tomlinsons little sister, megan had just graduated high school and is forced to live with Louis! But it's not all that fun Louis forbids her to hang out with any of the guys and Megan is in love with one of the band members and he loves her back but will Louis approve?


12. at the beach

megans pov
but louis why can’t i ride with zayn! i complain
because i said so says louis
louis! im not a kid anymore! i say
megan i dont want to fight with you, now go sit in the back with niall
fine hold on i say i walk up to zayn and give him a kiss
come on! said louis pulling me away from zayn
park it said louis pointing to the seat next to niall
i sat down and crossed my arms
come on now quit being poutie and smile said niall
i cant i say
yes you can said niall
no i cant i say
well i know something that can cheer you up said niall
what i ask
a world famous horan hug said niall with his arms open
i sat in niall’s lap while he held me in a hug
thanks i say wispering
your welcome said niall kissing my cheek
ok who is ready to go said louis getting into the drivers seat
megan get out of niall’s lap! said louis
no! i say
megan do what i say or else you will be grounded said louis
louis just let her said liam
no now megan get out of niall’s lap said louis
ugh fine i say
i moved into the middle seat next to niall who put his arm around me and gave me another one of his famous horan hugs
niall get your arm off of megan and megan move to the other side said louis
i did what i was told and looked out the window the whole ride there….
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