This is a story about a girl named SLASH who.................................................


1. Why did it happen to me?

I'm running, I need to keep running because if I stop I WILL die. If you are wondering who I am , well I don't really know. I don't really have a name I'm usually just called "that girl over there"or"SLASH". I guess that would be my name "SLASH." I'm suprised really that they even notice me. I'm more of an illusion than a person . But I will keep running I dont want them to catch me. If they find me they will find out what I am. I can't tell you what I am now but maybe I will later, if I have a later. All I can think about is to keep running. Run just don't stop.NO it can't happen now they will definetly find out what I am. "NO get away, stay away from me if you come any closer you WILL get hurt. Get out of here."I said. "Wait are you who I think you are?" No it can't be you I thought to myself. NO!!!!!!


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