This is a story about a girl named SLASH who.................................................


3. School and my story

So I arived at school and all of the people there stopped what they were doing and stared at me. I have to admit I think I am a little pretty but not that pretty that everyone would stare. I looked around and saw him he was just standing there and staring, he had short blond hair and crystal like blue eyes he was the complete oppisite of the boy standing next to him who had long black hair and black eyes. I realized that I was staring back at him and that I was only wearing shorts and a tanktop and it was snowing out. He was so gorgeus he was just amazing I couldn't wait to meet him for real and introduce myself. I realized he was the only one who was still staring and I was still staring back at him. He was just so beautiful. The next thing I new I was on the ground beside him,I think I ran into him. He got up then helped me up. "OMG I'm so sorry." I said. "Oh it's fine. I'm Niall. And who might you be?" He asked. "Oh I'm SL.....Sky, my name is Sky.Nice to meet you."OMG I almost said SLASH. "Well it's nice to meet you too Sky. You're new here aren't you? He kind of asked and stated.I said"YES.""Can you help me find my homeroom? It's room 56 Mrs. Hunch's class."I asked."OH definetly!" he responded. Then he helped me find my way there, on our way we talked about nothing in particulaire. Interesstingly we had every class the same and I sat next to him in every one of them. He was so nice and have I mentioned BEAUTIFUL!When we did partner work I partnered up with him and just kept getting distracted and lost in his eyes.I went to his house every day he was my best friend. We did everthing that couples did,we hugged ,held hands,kissed cheeks and foreheads, cuddled,and everything else that couples do.Everyone thought we were a couple but we denied it untill two weeks after I met him.

<Febuary 14>

Niall and I were just walking to class when his friend Louis said "Oh guys,it's Valentines day." "Yeah it is." I said. Then he kept saying "Oh look at the valintines day couple" and putting a heart around us with his hands. He new we weren't a couple but he teased us like that.But we're in the 12th grade I don't think we would do valentines.But then after art class(the end of the day) Niall came strait to me and then he gave me a big valentines day card and some flowers, the card said"Be mine, valentine".I said "OMG thank you so much ,but I'm sorry I didn't think the school did valentines.""Oh they dont but I do" he said.Then we went to walk home,and I was going to his house for a while. But when we got there he pulled my hand back so I couldn't go in then he pulled me in close to him and kissed me full on the lips. And I kissed back, and I saw fireworks.So we decided that we could go out as a real couple.


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