This is a story about a girl named SLASH who.................................................


4. how did this happen?

I've known it all my life that one day I will die but I didn't plan on that day being today.On the weekend I usually hung out with Niall, but today I was going shopping. I was on my way to the mall when it happened the car came up and hit me. I could tell I was going to die so I just let it happen. When people came to see me no one new who I was so they just said someone died. But the weird part was I could move like not me but me. Oh my god I'm a ghost this can't happen I don't want to have no one see me so I just walked home but when I got home Niall said "Oh hi Sky what did you buy" and I said "Nothing, how can you see me I'm dead." He said "What are you talking about? You are standing right there."What how can he see me?Can he see dead people.I thought to myself."Niall can I ask you to do something please?" I asked "Oh yes " he replied " Kiss me."......... We leaned into eachother and kissed. I walked back and yelled"OMG!"Then I ran to my room and yes I had a room in his house.I wonder if I am half alive or something.I wonder if IT will still happen.What is IT you might ask well I belong to the Sclabyish clan which is a wolf clan. Yes I am a as you would say " werewolf ". Well the wolfs kill vampires but some vampires fight back and if a wolf is bitten by a vampire they have a thirst for blood also and can't kill the vampire or his/her clan. Well my first boyfriend Sam was a vampire but I didn't know and if a wolf is with the vampire no one from that wolf clan can kill the vampire but then I eventually found out that he was a vampire and I broke up with him but he decided since he couldn't have me he would just take my best friend ( at the time I was 13 and I did have a best friend ) and he kidnaped her and was beating her up if she didn't do what he told her to and he tryed to kill her when I came in and attacked him but he bit me.And if you have gotten bitten the only time you thirst for blood is when you are a wolf.

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