The Eye- The living dead

When Stuart King, the famous actor dies from a unexpected illness, his eyes have been transplanted to a young blind fellow Robert Hunter. Then unusual people pop out of no where and starts haunting poor Robert. Read more and find out whether Robert will survive with the living dead or DIE!!!!


2. The person

Robert heard a girl's voice. He turned to see a girl staring him. "Have you seen my you seen my dad's coffin?" asked the girl in a nervous voice. " No," replied Robert. The girl kept asking the same question. Robert got irritated and yelled no to the girl's face. Then the girl walked to the window and sat on the ledge. Robert ran to stop the girl from falling but too late. Robert felt miserable. Robert turned back to walk to his apartment. Suddenly the girl appeared right in front of his face again. "HAVE YOU SEEN MY DAD'S COFFIN!" Yelled the girl. Then she just disappeared.
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