The Eye- The living dead

When Stuart King, the famous actor dies from a unexpected illness, his eyes have been transplanted to a young blind fellow Robert Hunter. Then unusual people pop out of no where and starts haunting poor Robert. Read more and find out whether Robert will survive with the living dead or DIE!!!!


3. Melissa…

Robert went back to his apartment confused. " Did that just happen?" When Robert opened his door, he saw the girl again sitting on the couch. " I don't mean harm to you. My name is Melissa and I'm 7. I was home alone in this very apartment. I was also very bored. I wanted to have fun! My father got sent a coffin that he must burry here in America. I started playing with it only because I thought it was safe. But when the bell door rang, I hid the coffin under my bed. I ran to the door to greet my parents but unfortunately it wasn't them. It was a mean robber who wanted the coffin so badly that they chucked me out of the window!" Melissa explained. Robert felt confused.


"So you are a ghost?! I'm sorry for your loss! I just got my eyes transplanted," said Robert.

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