Please, Stop It.


1. Chapter 1.

I hated the thought of having to go to school, especially my high school. I have a few friends but they honestly don’t deserve that title because they’ve left me all alone in the times that I broke down. Would you consider that a friend, because I wouldn’t. I believe a friend is someone loyal, caring, and just that person that you wouldn’t think you had but you actually do. Do you understand? Well again, that’s just my thought of what a friend is…
I dressed for another day of school. I begged my mom, when I woke up if she would please not let me go today I didn’t want to face anyone not even my ‘friends’. She yelled at me telling me what was the problem with just pushing a pencil on paper. It’s not my fault she enjoyed her high school years, I’m here hating them, wanting them to end NOW. No one even likes me there; I was once told I was a waste of space to just drop out and become some prostitute on the street. Do you know what my mom told me when I cried telling her during dinner? She told me to quit being so sensitive then sent me to my room. Not very nice? I know… I know.
I had the pain in my throat when I was forcing myself not to cry as I dragged my feet out of my room and down the stairs. My mom was there in the kitchen drinkin her cup of coffee. I felt her look at me, from the corner of my eye.
“Take that sour look off your face and walk correctly, you’re seventeen Samantha not five!” Her bitter voice made me grit my teeth. I just wanted to get out of her presence or at least her get out of mine! I turned my back to her grabbing a banana and a can of Sprite. I had my plan.
“Okay, I’m heading off to work. I’ll see you later tonight.” She patted my shoulder (I hid t7he sprite, “you can’t have soda early morning” that B.S.) putting her empty cup in the sink.
“Bye.” I whispered turning slightly to watch her leave. I peeled the banana open and popped the can of Sprite open as well. It didn’t make me feel so great since i had an empty stomach. I burped loudly. “Gross” I said to myself. I threw my trash away and grabbed my bag for school. I locked the house behind me and began the hell of a journey to school.
As I got closer I realized no one was home I could just turn around and walk back home or somewhere that I wouldn’t get in trouble for. I turned around and began rushing to a park that wasn’t very popular since it was in the forest; right next to my house.
I threw my bag onto the ground and rested against the tree. What would happen if my mom found out about me ditching? That wasn’t even my concern at the moment because I felt like vomiting. I tried calming myself down before I did hurl what I had this morning. I sat there peacefully until I heard the crunching of leaves. ‘Great someone caught me, now I’m in big trouble!’ I thought.
“You ditched too?” A deep male voice spoke. I looked up to see a boy walking towards me. He threw his backpack next to mine. I felt a bit scared and bothered at the same time; no one ever came here. I watched his every move and he sat right beside me. He had curly hair. I looked down at our closeness.
“I’m Harry; I just moved here.” He said looking down at his hands which were around his knees. I felt awkward near him since he was close to me.
“Today was supposed to be my first day of school but as you can see I didn’t go. I can only imagine what my parents will think when they find out I never went.”
“Why are you talking to me?” I said not looking at him but at the play equipment.
“Well… Uhm, there’s not really anyone else to talk to around?”
“I need to go.” I said getting up brushing myself clean and grabbing my bag. I started walking to my house.
“Wait, I didn’t mean to make you leave.” His voice chased after me.
“What do you want?” I asked looking at his face. I didn’t realize how attractive he was. I actually felt my heart jump; he made me a bit overwhelmed.
“Are you okay?” He looked at me concerned gripping my arm. I looked down at our connection. “Please let go.” I whispered. He looked at my arm and let go.
I turned to my house’s direction and walked. I did nothing the rest of the day but think of this ‘Harry’. But as soon as my mom got home I rushed to my bathroom and vomited. It did end up happening. When I finished I cleaned up for dinner. I wasn’t really hungry, I actually felt really sick.
“Why did you skip school?” My mom asked as she ate and I picked at my food. I didn’t want to talk; I didn’t even want to think of her.
“I’m not talking to the wall, Samantha. Answer me.” She demanded.
“I didn’t feel well.” I mumbled.
“Why didn’t you tell me in the morning?!" she asked that question dumbly!
"Just go to your room. Get out of here!" she yelled at me. I've had enough of her, I threw my dish to the ground and walked to my room. Her voice trailing after me.
I hate it here! She doesn't even care for me! I wish my dad was home, he wouldn't do anything himself but she would shut up and leave me alone! I locked my room door and lyed on my bed trying to calm myself but I couldn't! I shoved my phone into my pocket and climbed out of my window trying not to hurt myself but I did when I jumped down. It was just some scratch on my arm. I rushed into the forest; I didn't stop until I knew I was far from home. I wiped some tears that ran down my face as I had ran.
"Hey!" someone shouted. I turned sharply to see someone whose attention was on my, that curly haired boy... Harry. I planned quickly to get away and did so but he followed me. I tried to go further hoping he would stop but there he was, when I turned, right behind me. My eyes stung because of the tears. I stop turning to him.
"What do you want!?" I shouted at him, "just leave me alone!" I wiped my eyes dry. "I just- let me help you, you're arm is bleeding badly." he tried to grab my arm but I moved away from him. He looked at me confused. He got closer to me trying to reach for my arm again but I pushed him away.
"ju-just stay away!" I stared at him coldly.
"Samantha?" he whispered. I stared into his eyes. How had he known my name? I didn't want to be near him, he frightened me. He was so into trying to help me he hadn't realized I made a run for it. I ran and hid beside a really big tree. I think it finally hit him because he ran right past me looking around. He stopped and I actually thought he saw me but he hadn't. "
Shit." I barely heard his curse. I held my breath the whole time he stood there turning, searching for me. What was this guy's problem? It was as if he knew me. He finally ran closer to the neighborhood, I sighed of relief.
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