A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


8. The Downfall

The next week was interviews to photo shoots to autographs to dinners. Niall and Liam took me out to dinner tonight. Our arms were linked and we laughed the whole time. "So guys how are Em and Jess?" I asked sipping my drink. Niall busted out,"I love Em! She's so sweet!" I smile, Em must be the happiest girl on Earth. "Jess is amazing. I love her so much." Liam says smiling. "How's Zayn?" Liam asks, "I love him, he's so sweet and I'm happy he knows not to hurt me by kissing another girl." They nod. We head back to the hotel. I turn the corner and open my eyes. Zayn is locking lips with this chick.I saw her hand slip under his shirt and he didnt pull away.I thrash away from Liam and Niall and walk over. "Sorry to interrupt." I shout. Zayn looks over and shouts wait! I was in tears. How could he do that to me? Niall and Liam  ran after me "Wait Lil!" They shout along with Zayn. The elevator shuts and I fall onto the ground crying. The door opens at a floor and Harry walks in. He looks down and sees its me. "Love! What's wrong?" He says sliding next to me. I tell him what happened. "Didn't I tell you?! He would break your heart!" He shouts. I start to cry more. I start to get up but he grabs my hand. "Wait Lil, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!" He wraps his arms around me. I rest my head on his shoulder. The door opens on my floor and I get up. " Love let me comfort you. " he follows me to my room and walks in. I sit on the floor and wipe my tears away. He sits next to me and he turns my head. His lips crash against mine. He knocks me over and lands on top of me. I feel his tongue lick my lip. This felt right, I wrap my arms around him. I hear a knock on the door. I pull away. "You don't know how much I wanted to do that Lily." " Harry one sec." He walks into the bathroom and shuts the door. I can't believe I just kissed him. I open the door and find Zayn. "What do you want Zayn?" I say crossing my arms over my chest. "Let me explain.." He says grabbing my hand,"What is there to explain? You broke my heart. You promised you wouldn't kiss another girl! I broke my rules because I thought you were different! I came here for you! By the way we are done Zayn. Go break someone else's heart." I slam the door in his face. I start to cry, how could I be so stupid? Harry walks out and wraps his arms around. "Love I would never do that to you." I look at him. "Zayn said the same thing how do I know you mean it?" He kisses me,"That shows I mean it." I look at him. "Harry I'm sorry I'm going to head back to Liverpool. I need time to myself. I will be back in 2 weeks." His smile fades," Love are you sure?" I nod,"well here's my number text me everyday ok? But please come back." I nod and finish packing. I call Liam,"Hey can you drive me to the airport? I need time to myself before the tour?" He responds ,"Ok but please come back."  I hung up, ad grabbed my bag. Harry had already left and I headed out the door. I saw Zayn moping in the corner. He looks up,"Babe! Wait don't leave!"  He shouts. I push past him and get in the elevator. He tried to get in but the door closes. I make it to the bottom and find Liam,"Thank you Liam." I hug him. "Are you sure you want to go?" He asks and I nod. We walk out and get in the car. He drops me off at the airport and I wave goodbye. I buy a ticket and head for the plane. 

ZAYN POV: Why did that girl kiss me? I sprinted to my room and packed a bag. I ran out and Liam already left. I ran down the sidewalk until I got to the airport. I bought a ticket for Liverpool and ran. I got on the plane just in time. I sat down and hoped she was on the plane. 

LILY POV: I get off the plane and walk to the door. Em said she would pick me up. I was walking I felt a hand grasp my wrist. I turn and see Zayn. "What Za...." He cuts me off with a kiss. I pull away. "A kiss isn't going fix my broken heart. Zayn go date one of the 2 million girls in love with you." I walk out but he grabs my wrist again. "What can I do to make this right?" I turn to him,"I don't know Zayn I just don't know." On that note I walk away to find Emily. Zayn followed me but I walked faster. He knows I don't trust singers. I find Emily and run to her. She puts my trunk in the back and we hopped in. Zayn banged on the window but I put my hand against the window. We drove away and Zayn just stood there. "That was rough." Em said, I looked over at her," Zayn thinks a kiss will make it better that he was locking lips with another girl." I feel a tear slip down my cheek. My heart stung, I have forgotten what heart break feels like.

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