A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


11. The Bar

We walk out and start to drive, but we stop randomly. Liam and Niall tell me to get out with them. I follow them and see two girls run out. It was Em and Jessie! I hugged them and smiled, this was going to be awesome. They both kissed their dream guys and we headed back to the car. I had to sit in the back with Harry. He put his hand on my knee and smiled,"Looks like it's just us to tonight love. Oh will you go out with me?" I frown, what a horrible way to ask! I smile realizing I can play with him. "Harry you have to not kiss another girl." I whisper, he looks at me and nods. We get out and head into the club. I shove my way through only to be stopped by Harry. He pushed me against a wall and smirked."Do I have permission to kiss you?" I slide out from under his arm and stumble into the crowd of people. This random guy puts his arms around me," Your Lily! C'mon dance with me!" He spun me around but I stumbled further into the darkness. Finally I was out of people's way and made it to a bar. "Coke please." I asked laying my money on the bar. I felt the cold drink slip into my hand. I was not getting drunk tonight. Then, I felt it, he gave me alcohol. Nonono! This could be bad! I could be drunk and Harry would kiss me. Then Zayn would see! Oh no! I panic without realizing I drank the whole glass. Plus another. Shit what have I done? I stumble through looking for someone. My vision blurs and I stumble even further. I think along that I was given even more shots and drinks. Finally I was caught by Zayn. "Thank The Lord your hear Zayn." I slurred,"I was drugged." He laughed, "Comeon babe, lets get drunk together. " 

ZAYN POV: I walk Lily over to the bar. She was completely drunk. I wasn't going to take advantage of that. Finally I get drunk and start to laugh. "We're a drunk couple!" I slur. She laughs and we walk through the party. I see Harry making out with a girl in the corner. Lily runs over and says,"I told you you couldn't do it!" She shouted, she turns around and laughs and falls back into my arms. I'm not going to bother to ask. We find a couch and sit down. "We are completely wasted Zayn." She slurred, I look at her and kiss her. She wrapped her leg around mine and pulled me in closer. She pulls away and says," Remember not all the way Kay?" She smiled, she pulls me back in and I fall on top of her. We laugh and after kissing for like 20 minutes we find our way out. I open my car and we get in the back. She lays down,"My head hurts Zayn." I run my fingers through her hair. " I know babe." I lay down on top of her. I feel her lips crash against mine. I pull her in and she runs her hand up my shirt,"You have abs." She giggles. I run my hand through the back of her shirt and smile. All of a sudden I heard knocking on the window. Good thing the window is tinted darkly. Ashley gets up and walks out. It's a cop,"Please walk the line." Oh shit the party was caught. She smiled," Ok." She walks a perfect straight line and comes back. She hops and the drivers seat and drives away. "Good walking the line Lil." She smiles and drives back to the hotel. "Come to my room Lil. I don't wanna be alone." She nods and walks  in front of me. She sits down on the bed and bites her lip. I sit down and take her hand.  "What's wrong babe?" She turns her head. "What if you end up not wanting me?" I look at her,"Babe don't think about that, I love you." She looks at me," What it's because I don't want to go all the way?" I move closer," Babe that's not it. Never. I will always wait until your ready." She smiles and kisses me. I pull away," Do I have permission for a make-out session?" She giggles and nods. We fall back on the bed. I feel her hands slip around my head and pull me in close. I wrap my arms around her and fell her breath. I pulled her back into a kiss and played with the tips of her hair. 

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