A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


1. Summer Love

LILY POV: My alarm went off and I groaned. I brushed my blonde hair out of the way so my blue eyes could see. I got up and went into the bathroom. I straightened my hair and cleaned myself up. I slipped into my shorts and crop top. Underneath I had my bathing suit. I was meeting Jessie and Emily at the beach.  I walked out of my flat and head off to the beach. I didn't have any money for a car and I have no parents to help. They disappeared when I was 18. Now I'm 19 with 2 siblings. They were 18 and 22. Finally I made it to the beach , I saw Jessie and Emily waiting for me. I waved and they ran over and hugged me. "OMG LILY! One Direction is fucking here!!" Jessie screamed, oh great One Direction is our topic for the day. I took off my clothes to reveal my bathing suit. It was my favorite baby blue bikini. We ran into the water and had a great time. Then, Emily caught a glimpse of Niall. "OMG LILY LET ME GET ON YOUR SHOULDERS I CAN SEE NIALL!" She screamed, I let her climb on and she started to wave. Then, Niall waved back and she swooned into the water. "EM!" I shouted laughing at her, Jessie came over and we got Emily back to being human. She told us Niall waved at her and she freaked out. "What are they doing that's drawing so much attention?" I asked, then Jessie leaned down and said,"Why don't you see for yourself?" I climbed on and saw they were throwing a frisbee around while Louis and Eleanor swam. Then, Niall whispered to Zayn and they started to walk over. "Um guys it looks like Zayn and Niall are coming over." Jessie threw me off and I hit the water. They started shrieking. Oh great I will be left on the side while my beautiful friends will have their dreams come true.

ZAYN POV: I was playing frisbee with the boys when Niall walked over. "Those girls over there are cute. Why don't we go over?" Niall asked, I said,"Sure Niall maybe one I'll like. Liam! Wanna come over?" I asked, Liam threw the frisbee over at
Harry and said,"One sec!" Niall and I started to run off out of the pit of fans. The girl on one of their shoulders was thrown off into the water. Ouch! The other girls started shrieking while the girl in the baby blue bikini swam around. She was cute, maybe I could talk to her. We swam over and instantly the one with a purple bikini started to talk to Niall. The other girl in a polka dotted bikini saw Liam coming and started to freak out. I dove underwater and swam over to the girl in the baby blue bikini. 

NIALL POV: This girl was beautiful. Her name was Emily, she had long brown hair and green eyes. She told me I was her favorite and she was freaking out talking to me. Aw that's so sweet. We couldn't be separated, I was having the best time with her.

EMILY POV: OMG I can't believe Niall was actually talking to me! He was the sweetest person I have ever met, beside Lily. We were inseparable, having splash fights, chicken fights with Liam and Jessie. Liam was Jessie's crush so she was excited. And Zayn had taken a liking to Lily, but Lily wasn't really down with that. I was in love with Niall! And I think he may like me back! That would be a dream come true. 

LIAM POV: Jessie was this down to earth girl and was amazing. She was beautiful, brown hair and hazel eyes. She was completely my type. We laughed and had an amazing time. We had chicken fights with Niall and the other girl which it looks like Niall likes. Man this was a great day!

JESSIE POV: I'm about to faint. Liam Payne is hanging out with me! He was so sweet! We had chicken fights with Niall and Em. Her dream was coming true with Niall. But Lily was stuck with Zayn and she looks like she's not having a good time. How?!?! These guys were so sweet! Well I will enjoy my time with Liam!

LILY POV: I swam around when I felt arms engulf me. I lift my head out of the water and see Zayn grabbed me. "Uh hi Zayn." I said swimming out of his arms. "What's wrong babe? Do you not like me?" He asked following me. "I'm not the biggest fan of the band but Emily and Jessie are your biggest fans." I said diving into the water swimming away. He grabbed
My foot and brought me back to him. "You are not getting away that quick. I don't even know your name!" Zayn said, and for some reason I found that kind of sexy. We talked but he wouldn't let me go. Finally I agreed to a chicken fight. I got up on his shoulders and I could hear and audience of girls scream," Bitch!" My god teens these days. We fought Em and Niall and we won. Em popped up out of the water and motioned a heart around Zayn and I. I tried to splash her with my foot but Zayn wouldn't let go of me. "Zayn put me down!" I shouted finally he put me down. I swam over to Em and Niall and talked to them a bit. Then, Zayn asked for my number but I replied no. I'm not texting Zayn from One Direction! I swam out deeper into the water and felt at peace. 

ZAYN POV: I really really like this girl but she's not letting me into her life. I asked for her number but she said no. Now that's a first time. I swam over to Jessie and Liam and talked to them. I told them how Lily wouldn't tell me her number. "Oh she is just not open to dating right now Zayn! Shes a sweetheart once you get to meet her! She just got over a horrible relationship and now she feels any singer is horrible. She will come around Zayn. I will give you her number when we get out of the water. She will thank me later." Jessie said, I thanked her and waded out of the water with everyone else. I heard the fans shout  Bitch, loser, attention seeker when Lily walked by. "Don't judge people you haven't even met!" I shouted and they instantly shut up. Lily gave me a smile and I smiled back. Jessie wrote Lily's number on my hand. i thanked her and headed off. The boys said their goodbyes and we headed back to our spot. Niall and Liam wouldn't shut up about Jessie and Emily. I got to my phone and entered her number and started to text her.

LILY POV: I was walking out with the girls when my phone went off. "Guys an unknown number is texting me should I reply?" I asked and Jessie giggled and said," Yes! You should definitely respond!" I looked at her but responded to the text

                                    Umm who is this? 
Hello Lil:)
                                        Who is this!    
Oh ok it's Zayn
                How'd you get my number?

A secret source:)
  Jessie gave it to you didn't she!


                    I'm  going to kill her!

Don't! I just really wanted to talk to you babe. Come on babe.

                  Why do you call me babe if we are not even dating?

Because your special;) 

                This is Jessie:) how's it going? Is she softening? Please tell me she is!

No:( please tell her I mean no harm!
                I will! Ok it's back to Lily good luck!

Hello Lily:) 

                Hey Zayn it's Lily again what's up

That's how Zayn and I started texting.

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