A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


12. Practice Makes Perfect

LILY POV: I wake up intertwined with Zayn. I see my lipstick on his face. I giggle and start to shake him. "Zayn wake up we have to go to rehearsal." His eyes slowly open and he stretches his arms out. "Babe last night was an amazing make out session." He smirks and I blush. We roll out if bed and get changed. We go downstairs and meet the boys. "Do you guys know where Harry is?" Niall asks everybody replies no. "Do you want me to find him?" I ask and they reply yes. I get in the elevator and go up to his floor. When I get out I find his door. I knock on it and Harry walks out and pulls me in. "Harry!" I shout, he looks at me," Love I really like you." He try's to kiss me but I stop him. "Harry stop, I'm not worth your time. Someone else is destine to be with you." I start to step out but he grabs me by the shoulder and pulls me close. I can smell the beer in his breath. " Love what if you are the one for me? Can you just try with me?" I pull away and say,"That would be tough, Zayn is in the way. By the way, you need to come downstairs." I storm out and I can hear footsteps behind me. Harry grabs my arm and brings me back. "Love please." Why was I liking him. I NEEDED to get out. Before I could step out Harry locked me against the wall. He was taller than me so his head was curved in. "Love please." He repeats. "Harry stop this isn't rig.." He stopped me with a kiss. I could feel his tongue wander around. I pull away, but he wouldn't let me go. "Your an amazing kisser." He says looking at me. "Harry this isn't right. I'm not the one for you. I'm older than you. And I'm not ready for anything." I say slipping under his arm and out the door. I can hear him following me. I needed to go away before my heart takes over. I get in the elevator and sit in the corner on the ground. Harry walks in but doesn't notice me. Then he sits on top of me. "Harry! I'm right here! I'm not a seat!" I shout and he smirks. He gives me a quick kiss and gets up. "Don't you like livin?" The door opens and we get out and I run to Zayn. I take his hand and run forward. "Zayn, Harry is after me and I'm scared." I whisper and he looks at me. "Babe please don't take him instead of me. I love you." I warp my arms around his neck. "I love you Zayn not Harry don't forget that." He pulls me in for a kiss. I pull away and smile, why did i ever leave him? We walk to the car and sit in the back. Liam drives and we all pile in. I rest my head on his shoulder and he combs my hair.


ZAYN POV: She's so beautiful, I never want to leave her. I lay my head on her head. She giggles and I lace my fingers through hers and she smiles.


When we get there, a huge crowd of people wait outside.Lily and I get out last and walk over. People are screaming Lily's and I's names. We sign autographs and take pictures. We smile and I wrap my hand around her and we walk in. We meet the boys and get the set list. The fans chose Lily to sing the song Surprising Love. The song about me, she smiles an looks back at me.  We got through our long set list and finally finish. We walk through the show and Lily  gets pulled away to go through her part. Louis was smiling like an idiot the whole time. "Louis whats up? you seem happier than usual." Harry asks ,"I will tell you when our whole family is here." He smiled but we were all confused about it. We sang our hearts out and finally got a break. We find Eleanor and Lily giggling at the table. "Hey guys! We have something to tell you guys!" Eleanor says walking towards Louis, he slips his hand around her waist. They look at each other and smile,"We are engaged!" We all freak out. "We know it will be hard with the tour and constant moving but we will make it work and you know, practice makes perfect." Lily smiles and Eleanor goes over Lily,"And I have made a new best friend." Eleanor smiles and says,"Zayn your a lucky guy!" Lily blushes and Eleanor hugs her. Eleanor walks back over and kisses Louis. Lily walks over and hugs me. "I'm so happy for them."She says smiling,"That might be us one day babe bragging about our engagement." She looks up at me and smiles. I would love to marry this girl, but we are only 19 right now. We have to go back to finish rehearsal but Lily stops Harry.


LILY POV: "Harry let me set you up with my friend, she loves you." Harry looks at me confused. "Here's her number, text her, she lives near me so I can show you where." He smiles and I smile. Good he's off my back. I kiss Zayn and walk back to Eleanor. "Sooo, tell me about you and Zayn.' Eleanor smiles ,"We are doing better after that incident." Eleanor puts her hand on my leg. "This happened to me and Louis. But we got better and now we are engaged! Every good couple needs to have time apart. It is how you grow." I smile and hug her. She knew exactly what to say. "You know exactly what to say. "Louis is a lucky guy." She blushes. 


After I went back to practice the only thing people said to me was,"Practice Makes Perfect." It really was starting to annoy me. But, the guys never got one peep. But I stuck it out and took it in. I played the piano over and over and finally I got it. I mastered the song and was ready for the tour according to Frank. The clock read 8:00pm and we wrapped up. "Babe you were amazing." Zayn said coming up behind me. "Zayn no I wasn't you were." He looks at me with a really? Look. "Babe you were amazing no matter what you think I will tell you your amazing until you believe it." I smile and take his hand. We walk to Liam's car and hop in. Everyone was tired even Eleanor! Zayn rested his head on my shoulder and I stroked his hair. It was so, like up, I liked it. When we finally arrived Louis and Eleanor ran out of the car giggling. Zayn and I got out and walked up. We got in the elevator with Liam,Niall, and Harry who was on his phone. I say,"Sasha?" He nods and smiles,"Thanks Lil for being a good friend." I smile and turn back to Zayn. The elevator stops and Liam wants to talk to me. "Hey Liam." I say walking Down the hallway. "Lily how are you feeling about your parents?" i look at him and my smile disappears,"I feel alone." i let a tear escape my eye.He wraps his arms around me. " I'm here for you when you need a best friend to talk to." I smile and thank him. I walk back to my room and collapse onto my bed. God being on tour is hard.

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