A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


15. Performance time

LILY POV: I heard a knock on the door. "Who is it!" I say tears choking me. " It's Eleanor and I'm coming in I hear you crying!" She walks in and sees me in the corner. "What happened?" She says kneeling in front of me. "And where's your banda...." She grasped my hand looking at the cuts. "Are you mad I cut like Zayn is?" I look up at her. "No I'm mad someone drove you over the edge to do this to yourself." I told her all that happened and she took my hands and helped me stand. "Crying over a guy? Nah pick up your head princess. Your tiara is falling." I smile and hug her. I fix my makeup and walk out with Eleanor. We pass Zayn and Harry and they all try to talk to me. But we just keep walking and I went to get my mic. My bandana that I had been wearing around my wrist. Who had put it on 
my mic? Then I feel two arms wrap around my waist. I turned around and Zayn kissed my cuts. I smile hug him,"Good luck babe, I love you." He says, giving me a quick kiss before I went out to the mini stage thing for the opening act. When Zayn kissed my cuts, I knew he was sorry and I was being stupid. I walk down the aisle with screaming fans everywhere. I finally got to the stage and smiled. I heard,"I love you Lily!" From all directions, even guys were there screaming it! I sit down on the bench and set my mic up on the piano. "Hello everyone! I'm going to play Surprising Love." I hear the crowd go wild. I smile and begin to play. Everyone starts to sing along and made it so much easier. People were going crazy for me. When would you think that this would happen?! I felt the power of the stage rush through me. So this is how they feel performing! I finish off the song with my humming and smiled. Life only gets better from here. 
I finished my set and started the long walk back. I signed a lot of autographs and took some pictures, it was a lot of fun. I finally made it back and saw Eleanor waiting for me. "You did amazing Lil!" She hugged me and smiled. She was an amazing best friend to have. We walked to my dressing room and she sat on the couch. I went into the changing room and got into my jeans, high tops, Zayn's Varsity jacket and my dark blue v neck. We got back up and went to watch from the sides. They were so good! Eleanor would shout Louis and he would look over and blow a kiss. Zayn looks over and blows a kiss, I blush and shout Zayn! I laugh and Eleanor and I chat. Once the song finished I heard everyone scream my name. So, Zayn ran over and grabbed my hand and dragged me out. "Your wearing my jacket." He said smiling. I giggle and find my microphone. They all sat on the couch so I had to sit on Zayns lap. They crowd erupted in awwwws. I laugh and they start their question and answer. Harry was sitting next to Zayn, he kept looking at me. "I got a bone to pick with you." I said to Harry. He laughed and pulled out his phone to answer the tweets. I took out my phone and read my questions. There were so many from Justin it was insane. I avoided them and went to the fans. 

The questions took forever but finally it finished. I gave Zayn a quick kiss and started to run off. But the crowd screamed "Stay!!" I was confused but Zayn pulled me back over. "Play the piano to They Don't Know About Us, your wonderful at it." I smile and walk over to the piano. I look at the boys and started to play. 


I loved to play this song on the piano. it is so beautifully written. I was keeping good time with the boys. Finally they finished the song and Zayn came over and smiled. "Amazing piano playing." He kissed me, but we were disrupted by a boo in the audience. Justin's here. I could see Zayn fist ball up. I get and and have him follow me. "Don't worry babe. Just have fun." With that I ran off stage. I went over to Eleanor and we watched the rest of the show.



Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating I had stupid tests and my play! So, now i'm back and ready to keep the story going! I actually love this story, I think it's going well! So I have a question. What do you think Justin will do to try to win Lily back? Well enjoy! Many updates will be coming!


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