A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


6. Music To My Ears

ZAYN POV: Lilys sister left and I took Lily back to my place. Before she left she grabbed some papers. "What are the papers for?" I ask, she looks at me."I'm playing at a restaurant as live entertainment and I'm playing some songs I wrote." She smiles,"I'm nervous though." I think she could be amazing for our tour opening act. If only I could get our management to come out and see her preform. "Don't be babe. It's easy once you get started. And if you want to practice at my house you can." I open the door and she walks in. "Really? That would be awesome. You could give me some pointers and stuff." She says, I guide her to the piano and I sit down next to her. She puts up a song called Struggles. She plays the piano delicately and starts to sing. Her voice is so perfect. I could see tears rolling down her face. I wipe them away and start to sing along. It was like one of those amazing Grammy duets. When she finished playing the piano, I looked at her shocked. "You wrote that? It was beautiful." She smiled and blushed. "I wrote it from all the hate I got and then the pickup in my life." I flip the page to find a song named, Suprising Love. "Oh no don't look at that...." She says trying to turn the page. I start to play the song, it was beautiful. It sounded like our relationship. I bump her arm to say sing along. She starts to sing and I smile. This song was about me. It was about how at first she didn't like me but she fell in love and took the risk. I finish and look at her. "So you wrote a song about me." She blushes and looked at her feet. "A bit, I know it's not good.. It needs.... " I cut her off with a kiss. I leave my hand on her chin. I pull away and say,"It's perfect I love it." She smiled and we ended up playing songs for the rest of the night. The next morning we woke up from being passed out by the piano. We start to laugh. I love this girl so much. After eating breakfast I drive her home to get ready. Once she gets into her apartment I call the management. "I think I found an opening act. She's a new artist, we could record her songs and she could be ready." I hear,"Where can I listen to her?" I tell him the location and time. I hang up and go to get ready. This is going to be fun. 

LILY POV: I got into my baby blue dress and high heels. I curled my hair and put some light makeup on. This was a fancy restaurant and a big deal for me. I hope I didn't get more embarrassed about my song about Zayn than I did. Jessie picks me up and drives me there. She asked why it wasn't a good time yesterday. I told her and she stopped the car and hugged me. "I'm so sorry Lil . You know what? You should talk to Liam he would help you through this." I thank her and get out of the car. When I walk in I go set up. It was 1:45pm so I had an hour and 25 min to get ready. I read through the songs over and paced back and forth. Finally I got up and sat down. Here I go! I started to play the intro to Struggles. 

ZAYN POV: I walked in with  one if the managers Frank just in time for her to start singing. She was singing as graceful as ever and playing the piano beautifully. Frank seemed really interested with this song. "I like this Zayn I say yes." I smile and she finished the song. She looks up and sees me. She smiles and turns the page and starts to play Surprising Love, my favorite song.
Once she finished all her songs she came over to us. Frank stuck out his hand. "Hello I'm Frank, manger of the One Direction tour and I would like you to be the opening act." She shook his hand completely shocked. "Me? Open a Concert? Really?" Frank nods and she smiles,"I would love to!" Frank smiles and says,"You are going to need to come and record those songs, how about tomorrow?" She nods and he walks out. She hugs me,"Zayn my dream is coming true!" I smile and interlock my fingers through hers. We walk out and she asks if I can hang out with her tonight. I nodded and pulled up to her flat. We walk in and we sit on the couch. She lays her head on my chest. " So it all starts now Zayn, do you think I can handle the tour?" I stroke her hair. "You can handle this babe I will be here for anything you need. Don't worry." She smiles and we kiss and I get on top of her. Her arms wrap around my neck . I run my fingers through her hair. She whispers,"Zayn promise me we won't go all the way, I'm not ready." I whisper ok and kiss her more. We ended up sleeping like that on the couch. I woke up to Lily peacefully sleeping. "Babe wake up you have to go to the studio." I whisper, her eyes flutter open and she sees me. "Hey Zayn. I can't get up if you don't get up." I snicker and sit up. She walks into her room and closes the door.

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