A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


2. Movie Date

LILY POV: Zayn and I had been texting for awhile but I still wasn't really down with the bad boy singer thing. Then, Jessie invited me to go to the movies with her, Em, Niall, and Liam. I don't know why I accepted I guess I didn't realize that I was going to be the 5th wheel on a double date. I got ready and headed out with Jessie. "We will meet them there Lil." She said giggling. What is that girl thinking? We blast the radio and sing along. We finally make it and I see Niall, Em, Liam, and.. Zayn!"What is Zayn doing here!?" I question. She looks over at me. "Date!" She sprints out of the car and runs behind Liam. Oh man I wanted to kill her! "Ok so we will leave you too lovebirds." Em said, holding hands with Niall. Ugh I guess I'm stuck. "So what movie do you want to see?" I ask Zayn, "I have been wanting to see The Hunger Games can we see that?" Zayn says staring at me. "Ok let's go." I say, I start walking up and he swings his hand around my shoulders. This was going to be a long day. We sat down in the theater but no one was there. "We have the theater to ourselves babe." Zayn said smiling. I walked to the back and sat down. He sat down right next to me and we watched the movie. We were in the middle of the movie when Zayn puts his hand on my cheek. He leans in and kisses me. I put my hand around his head pulling him closer. We fall off the chairs and onto the ground. We start laughing. Then, we kiss again. He was an amazing kisser, I just couldn't resist him. I ran my fingers through Zayn's hair. He slips his hand to be on my waist. i wish this would never end! then, We see a light flashing and quickly make a diversion. "Um I think my earring fell over here." I say trying to make it seem normal. "Ma'am what is going on?" The usher asks,"She clearly lost an earring so I'm helping her find it, it was her gramdmothers." Zayn says looking up. The usher nods and walks away quickly. "Nice move Zayn." I whisper and he smiles," Nice kissing Lily." I blush at his comment. We get back up in the chairs and watch the rest of the movie. When we walk out we find the guys waiting out there. "Lily the girls are in the bathroom if you want. To like join them." Niall says stumbling for words. I laugh and walk into the bathroom. They were right there waiting. "How'd it go!! Give us the deets!!" Emily shouts. I look around the bathroom and see noones there. "We kissed.." I said barely even able to finish my sentence."LILYS IN LOVE LILYS IN LOVE!" They shout and I start to blush.

ZAYNS POV: The boys rambled on about their movie and almost forgot I was here. I chuckled and they immediately turned. "Zayn! How'd it go? Did the plan work?" Niall said his face stuffed with Nachos. I nodded and Liam said,"Nice bro." He high fived me and we waited for the girls to come out. Lily was the first to come out and she sat down next to me. She bit her lip and kind of sat their Awkwardly. The other girls came out and Liam and Niall got up and started to walk out with them. I stood up and Lily started walking. We walked out and saw them waiting. "So... We were planning on hanging out at Nialls house.Lily are you up for it?" Emily said holding Nialls hand. "Please! Don't make me beg!" Niall said giving her the puppy dog look. "Ok I will." Lily said and she looked over at me. I flashed her a smile and we headed to the cars. "Wanna ride with me babe?" I asked putting my arm around her. "Yeah I don't think I could stand being stuck in a car with Liam and Jessie." She looks over at them and their tickling each other. I laugh and open the door for her. She gets in and smiles. I get in and ask,"Ever find that earring babe?" She laughs and we pull out. We talk about our lives. She told me about her  family. I was shocked, she seemed too happy to have this on her chest! We pulled up to Nialls house and I have her a hug. "I'm sorry Lily that's horrible to hear." I said she looked at me and thanked me. We walk up and we were greeted by Louis,Eleanor,Niall,Emily,Jessie, Liam,Niall,and Harry. We walked in and Niall asked what we wanted to do. Lily instantly lit up and said,"How about we go out and play soccer!" We all agreed and headed out. Harry was staring at her so I put my arm around her. I am not letting Harry steal Lily away from me.  We made the teams and it was Niall, Jessie, Emily and Lily against Harry,Liam, Eleanor, Louis, and me. We started and we scored two goals. I started laughing but Lily snuck past me and scored. She came back laughing and I jokingly sized up to her and said,"U wanna go?" She came up to my height and said,"Any day, any time." I grabbed her and swung her around. She starts laughing and we didn't realize the game was still going. The ball hit my foot and I fell to  the ground. We start laughing, she helps me up and I said," This isn't over babe." 

LILY POV: the soccer game ended up that we lost. "Can I have a victory kiss babe?" Zayn asked, I laugh and say,"Maybe later." I smirk and walk in with Em and Jessie. "How are my lovebirds?" Em asked pointing to me and Zayn behind me. I blush and say,"How are my two hopelessly in love couples?" They blushed and looked at their feet. We put on No Strings Attached. I sat next to Zayn and Jessie and Liam sat on the other side of the couch. Em and Niall sat on the floor with Eleanor and Louis. But Harry sat alone in a chair. Once the movie finished Zayn and I were snuggling. We said our goodbyes and Zayn offered to drive. "Why don't you take Lilys transportation with me?" I said, we linked arms and walked out. "You know what.." Zayn said, he took my hand and laced his fingers through mine. I smiled and blushed. I could see the flashes of light from the paparazzi. "Are you sure you are ok with this Zayn you know with all the paparazzi?" I asked  and he smiled,"Dont worry babe." We talk about all kinds of topics. I feel so comfortable around him. We make it up to my flat. I get up on my tip-toes and kiss him. "Congrats on the victory Zayn. I will see you later. Zayn pulled me in for a kiss and said," Bye babe." I waved goodbye and shut the Door behind me. I slid down the door, my heart racing. I think I'm in love with Zayn. 

ZAYN POV: I walked back smiling, I think she likes me. The paparazzi kept asking me who she was. But I was too caught up in my own world. I made it back to find Niall asleep on the couch. I grabbed my coat and got in my car. I drove to my apartment. I checked my phone to see if she texted me. She sent me a picture of the paparazzi outside of her flat. Wow they would do anything for a story. We text until one of us falls asleep.  The next morning I wake up to my phone buzzing off the hook. It was all these twitter mentions. But they were all about Lily. They were so cruel! I immediately got in my car and drove to her house. I knocked on the door and heard,"Who's there!" I responded,"Babe it's Zayn let me in." She opened the door and I saw that she was crying. I shut the door and engulf her in a hug. "There.. Just... So cruel." She whimpered with tears streaming down her face. She took out her phone and I saw all the hate. There were hate pages for hate! "Their idiots." I said trying to comfort her. " But we aren't even dating! That's the thing." She saids with her head in her hands. "You know what lets go out to lunch. My treat." I say, "Zayn you really don't have to do that." She says looking at me. "I want to. It will cheer you up." She finally agrees and gets ready. She comes out in White shorts and a blue top. I take her hand and interlock my fingers with hers. We walk outside and instantly people start screaming at her and insulting her. She pulls in closer to me and I can see she's holding back tears. I whisper," it's ok there just jealous of what we have." She looks at me and smiles, she looks relieved. We make it to the restaurant and we sit down. We talk but then this girl comes and slaps Lily,"Bitch! Your stealing Zayn from us precious girls." The girl smiles at me and walks away. "I can't do this Zayn. I think it's best if I leave." She gets up but I take her hand. "Come to my place Lily I want to cheer you up." I say and we walk out. We make it to my house and walk in. I shut the door and she sits down on the couch. I sit down next to her and she starts to cry," They just have to be so cruel! My face stings because we hang out. I'm broken because we talk.." I stop her with a kiss. She pulls away,"What was that for?" She asks and I respond," I'm going to cheer you up right?" She smiles and pulls me in for a kiss. She put her arm around my neck and I kept my hand snug on her waist. We kissed until the doorbell rang. I got up and opened the door to see Jessie. " Is Lily here?" She panted catching her breath. I nod and she pops up. Jessie runs over and hugs her." I'm so sorry Lil they are jerks! Wait what happened to your face?!" Jessie says looking at her face. Lily told her the story and Jessie gasped. "Lil...." Jessie said,"It's ok Jess ill be fine." Lily said "Are you sure I know Liam won't mind." Jessie said,"Don't keep him waiting, ill be fine with Zayn here." Lily said smiling at me. Jessie finally leaves and Lily hugged me.

LILY POV: "Is it going to be this hard being friends with you?" I asked breathing in Zayns cologne. "Babe it will be ok in the end." Zayn responds looking down at me. We go and sit on the couch. We put in the notebook and I rest my head on his chest. At the end of the movie I was practically asleep when I heard Zayn whisper,"Babe I have something to ask you." I position my head so I can see him. "What is it Zayn?" I ask and he smiles,"So ever since that first day at the beach I have had a crush on you. And over the past weeks I have gotten to know you better and I really like you. So, will you be my girlfriend?" I was shocked at the question. Could I handle more of this shit I'm getting? Would be break my heart? But he could help me through everything if the fans give more shit. And I think I'm in love with him. "Yes Zayn, i will be your girlfriend." I whispered and he lit up. "Now your mine babe." Zayn said smiling, stroking my hair. I fell asleep to the rising and falling of Zayn's chest. I woke up to Zayn stroking my hair. "Morning babe." He whispered, "Morning Malik." I whispered looking up at him. I sat up and Zayn pulled me close. "What's the plan for today babe?" Zayn asked,"Work and listening to Jessie and Em obsess over you guys. Which now would be Niall and Liam." I said looking up at Zayn. "Aw babe tomorrow can we hang out?" Zayn whined and I responded,"Tomorrow I'm free yeah." He smiled but I got up."I need to get to work Zayn." I said grabbing my bag. "Aww why so early?" He came over,"Work starts early I know it stinks." I said, he kissed me and I walked out. On my way I got the basic insults. But it didn't hurt because I was dating Zayn Malik. I made it to the restaurant and went to the employees only room. I opened my locker and shoved my bag in. I put my apron on and walked out to the bar. As the day went on I was insulted, hit on by drunks, the usual. Finally I finished my shift and found Jessie sitting outside waiting for me. I threw my bag over my shoulder and walked out. "What are you doing here Jessie?" I asked, "Hey! Emily's here too!" Emily shouts from the back.  I hop in and instantly Jessie starts taking about Liam and then she said that she saids that she thinks Liam might ask her out. I giggle thinking that Zayn asked me out. I guess not all singers are bad. Then, Emily says,"Soooooo, how's Zaaayynnn?" I look back at her and smile. "You could say we are pretty close." Jessie and Emily shriek and say,"Lily and Zayn sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" I laugh and smile. Finally I get home and wave goodbye. I don't think I could listen to how cute Niall is! Or Liam is sooo down to earth! I get to my keyboard and write down some more lyrics to the song I have been writing. I stayed up so late writing the song I fell asleep on the keyboard .

ZAYN POV:  when I woke up it was 9:00am, early. I decided to get up and get ready for today. I got into some jeans and a white t-shirt which showed off my tattoos. I got into my car and drove over to Lilys flat. We I got up to the door I heard singing. It was beautiful,like an angel. I rang the doorbell and Lily opened the door. "Hey Zayn." She said smiling. She wore a pair of ripped jeans with combat boots and a red top. "You look beautiful Lily." I said, I decided not to comment on the singing. She might get embarrassed. I lace my fingers through hers and walk out of the flat. We walked through the park and I made sure the fans stayed away. She was smiling at me laughing. I'm so happy she's happy. Some fans left rude remarks but she just responded,"Thank you!" I laughed, she seems to have so much confidence right now. We spend the day walking around, swinging on swings, and  playing around. I decided I was going kiss her in front of everyone.  We were walking and a bunch of paparazzi and fans targeted us. I take her head in my cheek and kiss her. She was shocked but then fell into the kiss. I pulled away and smiled. How's that for a public announcement that were dating!

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