A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


7. It all starts Now

LILY POV: Yesterday was insane, I'm opening for One Direction and Zayn and I are falling in love. Zayn drove me to the studio and I walked in. I have never been in a recording studio before. Frank welcomed us and Zayn sat down next to Frank. I walked in and gave  one copy of the songs to the band. I walked up to the microphone and set up my music. "Ok babe you got this all you have do is just sing like any other day." Zayn said from the other side of the booth. I heard the band start, the music started to flow through the booth. I took a deep breath and started to sing. Once I got started I felt so much confidence. This might be how my life will be from now on. We finally finish and I walk out of the booth. "That was amazing Ms. Lily. So, I will finish editing and the album will be up soon!" Frank says, while flipping switches and moving dials on the sound booth. Zayn takes my hand and walks me out. "Good job babe." Zayn says smiling at me. "Thanks Zayn. Actually a lot of fun." I smile, life was great right now, minus my dead parents. Zayn drops me off at my house and immediately Emily barges in. "Your finally home! Where were you?" Emily says ,"Um i was recording my first album because, I'm the opening act for the 1d tour." She started shrieking and hugging me. "My bestie is going to famous!!" I look at her,"Wait why are you here?" I ask. "Oh Liam and Niall wanted me to invite you with us to the mall." She says,"Is Jess going?" I ask,"No she got sick, she feels like shit." She says,"Oh ok I'll go." She smiles,"Lets go!" She grabs my arm and she runs me out to her car. We blabber the whole way and finally make it to the mall. "Hey Lil and Em!" Niall shouts. "Guess who your lookin at peeps?" Em shouts pointing to me. "Your tour opener!" Niall and Liam light up,"Really!? That's amazing Lil!" Liam says giving me a hug. Niall and Liam link arms with me. Niall puts his other arm around Em. We head off and talk about everything. Niall and Liam are sweethearts. Liam comforted me about my parents and Niall offered his nachos to make me feel better. Em and Niall were all lovey dovey, so Liam and I talked most of the time. We turn the corner and Harry is sitting at a table looking at his watch. He looks up and finds my eyes. He smirks and walks over. Liam and Niall step in front of me and say,"She taken Harry." "She's spending the day with us!" Niall adds, "Well I wanted to hang out with you guys." Harry says. Finally he joins us and we continue to walk. Harry kept flirting with me by a little kick or a smirk. Finally the day ended but I didn't have a ride home. "Love I can drive you home." Harry said sneaking up behind me. "Fine Harry." I walk over to his car and sit in the back behind the drivers seat. "Live why don't you sit up front?" Harry asked,"You scare me." I respond he starts laughing. "It's mandatory when I give someone a ride is that they sit in the front." He says hitting the passenger seat. "Ugh fine Harry." I get up and move to the front."By chance did you just make that rule?" He smirks of course.  We talk the whole ride and he is actually really nice. We stop at my flat and I wave goodbye. He smiles and drives away. I walk in and I see a note on my door. 

Come over to my place. You weren't here when I came. I have to show you something.


I walked out the door and headed for his place. I almost forgot about the fans. I heard their shouts but they were saying Layn! That always make you feel good. I even got to sign alot of autographs. I heard a fan say,"I love your album!" It's out! I got to Zayns and knocked on the door. He opened it,"Hey babe." He leads me over to his computer. "Look how many people have bought your album!" It was over 1 million people so far! "I'm shocked that's alot of people!" "Actually I have something else to ask you. So I have to fly to America with the boys for concert preparations. Will you come with me. If you don't want to you would have to come 3 weeks later." I smile,"I would love to Zayn." 


LILY POV: I got my bags packed and headed out. I hugged Em and Jess goodbye and got in the car with Zayn. We drove to the airport and met the other boys. "Hey Lil!" Niall shouts hugging me. "Hey Niall!" I shout back. We walk past the gates and head for the outside doors. "Guys we missed the plane gates." I say pointing back. Liam throws his arm around. "Lil we are actually staking a private jet." My jaw drops, I have never been in a private jet. We walk out and I see the jet. It was awesome. Harry's wild hair blew in the wind along with mine. We get in and I sit on the couch. Zayn plops down next to me. Harry and Louis sit across from me. Liam and Niall sit at the table chair things. We take off and I fall asleep on Zayn. 

ZAYN POV: Lily fell asleep on my lap. "How was yesterday Liam?" I ask, "It was awesome! Jess and I went to the beach! We were so happy." He smiled, "Niall? How about you?" I ask, he looks up,"It was amazing, Em and I went up to this treehouse and we spent the whole day there. It was nice." He said. "Louis?" He smirked," Eleanor and I just hung out at my house, it was sweet." I looked over at Harry, "Oh I slept in until 1:00pm! It was lovely." We laugh, he was the only one without a girlfriend. I end up falling asleep too. I wake up to Harry shouted,"Louis is mine!" Louis was using Lily as a shield while Harry tried to attack. Liam took out a paper sword and fought Harry. Liam used Lily as a shield after Louis moved out. Lily was giggling the whole time. Harry picked Lily up and said, "Don't use a girl as a shield! It's unfair Liam! Now I will use her as a shield. He put Lily down and she took his sword. "Thank you Harry!" She skipped to the other side of the room. "I'm coming after you Lily!" Harry shouts, she get behind Niall and I get up. "Lily is mine!" I shout. Harry turns around. "I shall duel you for Lily!" Harry shouts. Louis tosses me a sword and I duel Harry. Niall,Liam,Louis, and Lily watched from the sides. Finally I stabbed Harry with the paper sword and he fell onto the couch. "Now where's my Lily?" I shout and she smiles, I scoop her up and spin her around. Then, the seatbelt sign turns on and we return to our seats. 
Once we got out of the plane people were shouting our names. Even Lilys! We all sign autographs and take pictures.  Finally we get to the bus. Lily sits in the back and I sit across. From her. Harry sits in from of her with Louis. Liam and Niall sit on the other side. We  sing our songs the whole bus ride. Fans follow us until we make it to the photo shoot. "Alright Lily you will go first for pictures." She nods and walks behind the camera. She takes so many pictures and finally we get up to take pictures. Finally all the pictures are taken and we get back on the bus. We arrive at the hotel, and a group of fans are waiting. They were shouting various things. They even shouted Layn, which I think is our celebrity couple name. We get settled in and I walk over to Lilys room. "Hello?" Lily asks, I smile "Zayn go get ready! You have to go to the movie premiere!" She says, "What about you babe! Your in sweats!" She looks down, "I wasn't invited Zayn One Direction was." She says shutting door,"Wait! Will you be my date Lil?" She opens the door,"Is that ok with the movie premiere people?" I nod and shuts the door to get ready. I head back to my room and get changed. 

LILY POV: I feel like a superstar. Getting dolled up for a movie premiere. I got on my mint lace dress on with my nude heels. I put my hair into a halo braid and put my makeup on. Someone knocked on the door. "Who is it?" I asked walking over to the door. "It's Liam!" I opened the door and saw Liam in a tux. "Lily you were invited, last minute! Your album records are off the charts!" He looks at me. "So your ready?" I laugh and nod. We walk out and head for the premiere.
We get to the premiere and I saw all these flashes of light. I step out and smile. This will be my life now. I pose and smile. Zayn comes over and puts his arm around my waist. "Welcome to the star studded life babe." I smile, we walk down the red carpet. Zayn meets up with the boys and I get pulled over for an interview. "Hello Lily! I'm Jane from People magazine." Jane says," how does it feel to be a instant star?" I smile," it feels amazing, my dream came true." Then she smiles,"So, tell us about you and Zayn! Going strong?" "Oh yes, we are going strong!" 
The interview goes on forever but finally it finishes. I walk out and find Zayn. "Hey babe how was your first interview?" I laugh,"Long!" We sit down with the rest of the boys and watch the film.

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