A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


13. Interviews

ZAYN POV: I walk over to Lily's room and knock on the door. She steps out wearing glasses, a tank top, and sweat pants. "Do you know how turned on I am right now." I say starting at her. She laughs and facepalms, clearly embarrassed. "What babe?" She says smiling. "You have an interview babe. You need a dress stat." She looks at me confused."Why do i have to dress up?" She whines. I laugh and pull her out. "You are the irst girl I have ever met that doesn't like dressing up." She laughs and we keep walking. "You are going to need to represent the tour.You have to dress up." I say smiling. We walk down and we see Louis and Eleanor waiting  for us."Hey Lil!" Eleanor shouts hugging her. "Zayn pulled me out of my room so we could get a dress." Lily says glancing back at me. "Lil! this is a HUGE interview you need to dress up! Come on i will take you.Bye babe." Eleanor says, she kisses Louis and links her elbow through Lily's. "Thanks for giving Eleanor some girl time. She needed after being with me on tour." I smile,"No problem Louis now lets go have fun!" I say seeing Niall, Liam,and Harry  walk over. We walk out to the car and head off to the park.


LILY POV: We made it to the mall and Eleanor was so excited. "I haven't had any girl time in awhile." She says, linking her arm through mine.  "Yeah I have missed girl time too." I smile, Eleanor was such a nice girl. We walk through the mall and find a dress store. "This is such an awesome dress store." Eleanor says smiling,"We are going to find you the perfect dress." In this store dresses were from any color, to any design. Eleanor held up 3 dresses. "These would be perfect on you." I went to the dressing room and tried the first one on. It was blue with feathers everywhere, too short, too flashy. The second one was a strapless puffy red dress. Too slutty. The last one was a red belted, up down dress. It was perfect. I walked out wearing the dress. Eleanor looked at me,"I knew that dress was you when I saw it." I smile and go back and change into my other clothes. I walked up to the cash register and payed for it. Eleanor and I walked out and went to random stores and tried on random clothes.

When we got back, the boys were crashed on the lobby couches. Eleanor and I walked up and got me ready. She helped me with my makeup and hair. "Lil, can I ask you something?" I nod and she continues,"So, we have grown really close over the passed weeks and probably will grow closer. So, would you be my maid of honor?
"I turn and look at her. "Really?! That would be amazing Eleanor!" We hug and walk out. We talk the whole way down until Zayn walls up and kisses me. "Hey babe." He says smiling,"Lets go." He wraps his arm around me and we walk out. "How was you day?" He asked,"Oh it was amazing, and I'm a maid of honor!" He looked and me and smiled,"What an honor!" I kiss him and we hop in the car. "I can't believe the tour starts tomorrow! I'm nervous." I said staring at him. "Babe there's nothing to worry about." 


We talked the whole way there. He got out and to my hand. "How I have missed holding your hand babe." I smile, we walk up to the hotel doors. I feel the paparazzi flashes and smile, I have missed the flashes. We get in the elevator 

and head up,"Are you excited?" Zayn asked staring down at me. I push my blonde hair behind my ear,"Excited." I say watching the numbers rise the higher we went. The door opened and we stepped out. We searched for door 610. Finally I open the door and see all the cameras focused around the living room. Zayn went over to the chairs behind the camera and I sat down next to the reporter. "Ok so what's going to happen is i'm going to do my entrance and you are going to come over from Dawn and sit down and talk."I nod and go stand next to Dawn. This was my first interview alone. "Hello in Sara Gran and I'm here with Lily Sanders today!" I walk over and greet her and sit down. "So, tell us. How's the life of a new artist?" I smile and reply," It is amazing, but it's crazy to think so many people know my name!" I giggle, this isn't so hard! "Well that's amazing!" Sara exclaims.  

After a few questions she started to get into relationship questions. "So, Lily, we all want to know, why did you go back to Britain for 2 weeks. I feel my thumbs start to tackle each other. "Well... I needed some alone time before the tour to write some songs and um.. Prepare myself." I stumbled, god that was a train wreck of a sentence. "Oh interesting, how about Zayn? Why was he so upset during that period of time. I stare at Zayn and he makes a gesture that tells me to continue. I decided to Wing it. "Well he was upset about me leaving and all the questions made it worse for him. He really missed me because this was the first time we were apart and all." I stop and he gives me a thumbs up. Good. "We'll what a love story here!" 
Finally the interview finished and I get off the couch and walk over to Zayn.  He takes my hand and we walk out. "Good interview babe." He smiles.  We head off to rehearsal for the tour. Last one before the kickoff. We pulled up and I got out. I saw more flashes of light and more fans. I went over and signed some autographs for my fans but something was holding Zayn. I walked back over and saw him just sitting there staring into nothingness. I kneeled down,"Zayn you okay?" He nods his head and gets out. I wonder what happened. He rushed in and headed to the bathroom. Oh god what happened? Before I could go I was whisked away to go try on everything. I walk into my dressing room part and try on everything. All dresses god not happy. They were all beautiful though.
After what seems like 3 days I finally got out. I ran and found Zayn. "What's wrong Zayn? You never answered me." I place my hand on his shoulder and slid down. He showed me his phone. He looked angry, the message on twitter was. My ex?! It said,"Comin to win @LilySanders16 back tomorrow. @Zayn_Malik you won't have her for long." What the heck!? "Zayn, are you mad about this?" He looks over and nods,"It's a chance I could lose you to a jerk that broke your heart." I wrap my arms around him and said,"There's nothing to worry about Zayn. I will never go back to him." But in the back of my brain I was worried. I felt a part of me wanted him. Oh god I have to stay away from him until it goes away. 

ZAYN POV:  I was worried I could loose her again. To that stupid Justin Parker. She had her arms wrapped around and I turned. "Thanks babe." I get and swing her on my back. I run down the hallway and she laughs her head off I get to the stage and drop her off at the piano. "Can you play They Dont Know About Us?" She nods and starts. We sing along by the piano and I smile. She was mine. No one else's. 
Finally rehearsal finished and we headed off to our hotel to get our things. We were getting on the tour bus tomorrow. I finish and meet Harry, Liam,and Niall down there. "Where are Eleanor ,Lily, Louis?" I ask. "Upstairs finishing packing. Louis and Lily are helping Eleanor get ready." I nod. We all joke around until they come down. Lily is the first to arrive. She stands next to me biting her lip. Eleanor and Louis come down giggling and we all head out. When we get on their are 6 beds in the wall and a room in the back. Along with a bathroom, table, couch, tv, mini kitchen, and cabinets. The girls take the back and we claim the beds in the wall. I get one of the top beds with Harry on the other one. He was still on his phone. He looked like me when I was texting Lily. I smile, I love her. 

LILY POV: Eleanor and I head to the back of the bus. We set our things down and sit on the bed.  I straighten the bandana around my wrist. Eleanor looks confused and asked,"What is that bandana for?" I look at her,"Fashion statement." I say quickly, Eleanor smiled and we started talking. I could feel the letter my parents sent before their death in my pocket. Waying down my soul telling read it. I shoved the thought away and focused on Eleanor. 
It was late and we were all on the couch squished together. I sat on Zayns lap and we watched the movie Toy Story(Liam's pick). I felt my eye lids growing heavy. I think Zayn noticed because he rested my head in his lap. He stroked my hair and I fell asleep to the voices of Toy Story. 

ZAYN POV: Lily fell asleep in my lap while we were watching Toy Story. The movie rolled on and Liam loved it. He was a kid at heart. Finally the movie finished and I carried Lily to the back. I laid her down and kissed her forehead. Eleanor walked and I left. I felt the bumps of the road. I climbed up into my bed and thought. Why did Lily not want to go all the way. Does she not love me enough? I pushed the thought away saying no it's not true. I hadn't realized they were all looking at me. "What you thinking about Zayn?" Louis asked poking his head up from the bunk end under neath me. "Uhhhh nothing guys." I said staring at all of them. "Yeahh sure." Liam says. I feel my face warm up so I lay down facing the wall. "Zayns embarrassed!" Niall shouts. "Hey guys can you keep the embarrassment to a down low? We are trying to sleep!" Eleanor says stepping out of the room. "Night babe." She says kissing Louis. She walks back into the room and we all go to sleep.

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