A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


16. He changed the game.

ZAYN POV: I was getting annoyed with this Justin character. He thinks he can just waltz back in here and carry Lily away. No. Just no. He broke Lily's heart, and I didn't, I love her. All through the rest of the performance I couldn't stop thinking: coud Justin change the game?We started to sing Stand Up, our song. I look over and smile to see Lily swaying along to the upbeat song. I see Niall do his signature jump across the stage. 


We finished our set and finished the show. Lily hopped out and gave me a big hug. "Awesome job babe." She said taking my hand. "The manager said there are fans to meet." She started to pull me off toward the boys. I saw a crowd of girls with one boy. He gave me the death glare while all the other girls shrieked. Welcome Justin.... "Ok Girls head off with the boys... Oh Ummm, Justin you came for Lily." Paul read off the list. Shity shit shit. I tried to stop her but I was mobbed away in the crowd of girls.


LILY POV: I am about to cry. In front of me is Justin: my ex. I walked faster trying to stay ahead of his pace. "Hey! Slow down!" He said grabbing my arm. "Why did you come Justin? Why did you post all those things of'getting me back?'" I flip around sitting on the ground of the room. He slips down next to me and turns to me. " Because I realized how stupid I was. Letting you go. And seeing you with that Zayn guy breaks my heart. He will hurt you Lil." He said taking my hand. I look down," But you broke mine and left. You left me and expect me to leave Zayn to come back to you. Justin just stop. I have enough problems with my  life right now..." He pulls my wrist away from me and rolled up the sleeve. "Did he make you do this?!?!?" He said delicately running his fingers over them. "No!" I said scooting away,"Then who did?" He said getting closer. "Justin you don't want to hear about my problems, i'm sorry just go.." He pulls me into a hug. "Your mom isn't it?" He said stroking my hair. "How'd you know?" I asked looking at him. "Lil. I know you. Your lip quivers when you think about your mom. When your hiding something you become a bit distance and nervous. I could go on.."He stops, he looks down at my lips and starts to trace them. His touch tickled my skin and made me flinch. "Oh how I missed you." I close my eyes expecting the worst. His grip tightened and started to strain me. His lips connected with mine. I refused to go into the kiss. I kept my mouth shut and did not move. He got frustrated and pulled away. "Lil..." He loosened his grip. "No!" I push his chest away."You need to stay away. I am in a wonderful relationship that just got better. I love Zayn. Z-A-Y-N!" I shout Walking away. "Well I guess we are going to have to do this the hard way." Justin says grabbing my arm. He digs his fingers into my wrist and I scream for help but he instantly covers my mouth. I am loosing oxygen. My vision starts to blur when I hear the door slam open and Zayn scream. Then I blacked out.


What do you think will happen?  Well I will try to write a lot more now because my play is over and so is testing! So I hope you enjoy this book:) 


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