A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


14. First performance drama

ZAYN POV:I woke up to Lilys head in my face. "Wake up babe it's time to get up!" She chimed, I pull her in for a kiss and she lost her balance because of the unexpected kiss and almost fell onto the ground. "Sorry babe." I say hoping off the bed. "It's ok helps wake you up." She says smiling. She still had that bandana around her wrist. "Hey Lil, just wondering what's the bandana for?" She looked at me with a look of insecurity. "Oh it's a fashion statement!" Eleanor shouted from the mini kitchen cooking with Niall. I nod still suspicious of that.  We all sit down and eat the pancakes Eleanor and Niall made. They were delicious. I felt the bus stop. "WE ARE HERE!" Harry shouted smiling. Once we all finished eating we headed out the bus. I was in my pajama pants along with all of the boys. Eleanor and Lily were dressed. Lily wore a black v- neck with my jacket and jeans. She looked so good in my jacket. After we passed all the fans we went on for our dress rehearsal. 
It was an hour before the show and I was talking to Harry. Then that's when things start to go downhill.

LILY POV: I was walking  down the hallway all ready for the show. Then, I heard Zayn and Harry bickering.  I hid behind the corner and listened. "Zayn! I can't get her out of my head!" He must be talking about Sasha! They would be so cute together! "Harry. What about Sasha!" Shit now I know it's me. "But I love her Zayn! I haven't been texting that Sasha! Can you let me have her?" So I'm a thing to have now? And he lied to me! "Harry! I won her fair and square! And you would break her heart!" I was about to go and punch the shit out of them. "Zayn I didn't break their hearts!  They broke mine! They cheated on me because I wasn't good enough! But I didn't want to seem like a wimp so I changed to story." By that point 
I was storming down the hallway. "So I'm just a prize to you? Is it let see who can win Lily fair and square!" I turn to Harry."You fucking lied to me Harry! You said you were texting her! I was so happy that something good would happen to her! She was bullied her whole life and your the reason she's alive today! So, I wanted to do a fuckin nice thing for her. But you won't text her!" And I turn to Zayn. "So I'm a game to you? I came back for you! Am I just one of your summer loves?" I walk off with my graceful dress trailing behind me. I feel a hand grasp around my wrist. "What." I turn and see Zayn. "Lily lemme explain! Everything is a game to Harry so I needed to get the point that your mine." I look at him. "Zayn you want to know why I didn't go all the way with you?" He looks at me confused,"Zayn I know your confused why I'm not begging for it. It is because my parents went all the way early. And I was born. Growing up they told me I was a mistake, that I shouldn't have born and I shouldn't be alive." Zayn is shocked,"That is horrible." I wince my wrist was in pain because of his grip. "Can you let go of my wrist? It hurts." He looks at me,"Why I'm not holding on that tight!" He lifts his hand to find the bandana. He looks up and me and then untied the bandana and let it fall to the ground. My cuts were revealed now he knew. "Lily you promised!" He shouted his eyes filled with rage. "Well you know what? It was to much to handle! The hate, knowing you weren't Spose to be born. And the last letter from my parents talked about how I shouldn't have been born. Those were their last words they wrote me. Thanks for the support though!" I shout walking away in tears. "Wait babe!" He shouts but I run into the girls bathroom and sit on the floor. I start crying why do bad things happen to good people?

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