A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


5. First dates and cheesy romance

EMILY POV: So I just get home and Niall is taking me out! How sweet. We walk through the park. Then, I see rose pedals and candles in a path. We walk through it and find a gazebo with candles all around it. I put my hand over my mouth. Cheesy romance and roses! I love those two together! Niall guides me up to the gazebo and picks up a rose. "Em. Ever since that first day, I have had a crush on you. So, will you accept this rose?" OMG he's quoting my favorite show too! "Absolutely I will Niall." He laughs and hugs me. "You know what.." He pauses and puts his hand on my cheek and pulls me in for a kiss. I'm like dying right now. I put my arm around his neck and fall into the kiss. He pulls away,"So does this mean we are dating?" I laugh and nod and he kiss me again. You could say BEST DAY EVER!

JESSIE POV: Liam and I have been dating for a week. He said we were heading to dinner. But he wouldn't tell me where. He pulls up to this mountainous area and parks the car. "Here we are Jess, c'mon lemme bring you over to our table." Liam says holding my hand. He leads to a treehouse, I love tree houses. We climb up and there's a picnic blanket and basket laid out. "Liam I love this, this is the best first date a girl could have." He smiles and we sit down. 
At the end of the date we were talking forever. He was someone you could just talk to for hours. We get to my house and he kisses me. "I love you Jess. I will see you tomorrow." He said he loved me! "I love you too!" I shout and I can see him smile from ear to ear. I instantly text Em and Lil about my amazing first date. She and Zayn are probably on a date. Em texts back about her cheesy romance. OMG she's dating Niall how sweet! Then Lily texts, I'm happy you had a good date, but I'm sorry this is not a good time gtg. What could be wrong?? I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out. 

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