A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


4. Family Reunion

LILY POV: "Paige what are you doing here?" I ask staring at her. "I'm sorry Lil. I was wrong for being mad at you. I understand you wanted it to be quiet. But I have some news." I open the door and we sit on the couch. Paige was 22 with brown wavy hair and Hazel eyes. I was taller than her even when we sat down. "Lil. They found our parents.." Paige said, I was shocked,"Where are they!" I say, I might get to see my parents again! "Lil... Oh Lil, they went off to war... They were found dead after being MIA.. They didn't tell us because they didn't want us to know." I feel tears stream down my face. Why me? Why do they bad things happen to the good people. Paige hugs me and I burst out crying. My phone buzzes and it's Zayn. I pick up and say,"I'm sorry Zayn this isn't a good time." I said sniffling,"I will be over in 5 minutes, I hear you are crying." He said, he hung up. "Paige, your going to meet Zayn. I told him it wasn't a good time but he said he will be over in 5 min." Her mouth opens wide, she loves One Direction with all her heart. "Really!? OMG I'm so excited! Mia would be too if she wasn't in college, I'm not telling her the news yet." I nod and hear a knock on the door. I look through the peep hole and see Zayn. I open the door and he hugs me. "What's wrong babe?" He says then he looks over at my hyper-ventilating  "Who are you?" Zayn asks,"She's my sister Paige, she is a big fan." I say knowing she can't respond. I wipe my face dry and sit back down on the couch. "Zayn our parents are gone." I said starting to tear up. Zayn's mouth drops open and he hugs me,"I'm so sorry babe, if you need anything or a shoulder to cry on. I'm here." I smile and thank Zayn. I wonder how the girls days are.

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