A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


10. Dreams Do Come True

LILY POV: I walk out onto the stage with my hair down and an off the shoulder red dress. I sit down," This is a new song that I just wrote and it's called No Gravity." They all clap and I let my fingers fly across the piano. I sing my emotions out and I look out. I see Zayn get and walk out. Once the song finishes I get a standing ovation. I bow and leave the stage. Liam gives me a big hug. "That was amazing Lil. Glad to see your ok." I smile. But I keep walking. Something drove me to find Zayn, like a calling. Telling me it's meant to be. I find him on the ground with his head in his hand. "Zayn." That's all I have to say for him to look up. "Babe, you don't know how much I wanted to here your voice." I stop him, "Why'd you leave?" That's the only thing on my mind. "I knew that song was about the horrible mistake I did to you. I couldn't bear to think I did that to you." I walk back to the stage. I step up and walk over to the microphone. " I was asked to speak tonight about how dreams come true. Now mine came true very quickly, as you can see." I pause," dreams. They are stories you play up in your mind. They are the stories that become goals. They are the dreams that come true. But a dream can only come true with an imagination. And if you don't have the ability to imagine. You can reach your dreams. People will try to bring you down along the way, but it's like hurdles. So the main thought is you need hope and imagination to power a dream. Thank you." I start to walk off. I hear applause everywhere. People standing. Never had I felt more confident in myself.

The dinner ended and I rode to the hotel with the guys. "Your two days early!" Niall shouts with excitement. I smile,Liam and Niall were my best boy friends. When we pulled up Zayn pulled me aside. "Meet me in the piano lounge 5 minutes. I need to show you something. " he runs up the stairs and i go to the piano lounge. I sit on the couch and wait. Zayn walked in with his buttoned up shirt rolled up to show off his tattoos. He set the music up on the music stand. "I wrote this for you babe. " He taps the bench next to him and I go sit down. He starts to hum. Then, he starts to sing a catchy rhythm that I fell in love with. I swayed my head back and forth. Then I realized, this was about me and him. He wrote a song about me. Now that makes him harder to resist. He voice echoed through the room. He finished and turned to me. "I'm not going to try to explain what happened that day. Because I know that's what no one wants to hear. I want you to know I'm sorry babe. Will you forgive me?" I felt tears in my eyes. I knew he meant it, I just knew. The way he looked at me right now was the passionate look he always would give me. I smile and nod, hey I am a sucker for love. He leans in and kisses me. He puts his hands around my head. He pulls me in closer and I can smell his cologne. Oh how I missed the smell of it. I ran my fingers through his hair. He pulls away and smiles. "I have missed you babe. I couldn't do anything knowing you hated me and you weren't by my side." He said. He steps up and takes my hand. I get up and grab his music. We walk out and we get in the elevator. He turns to me and runs his fingers through my hair. "You don't know how much I have missed you." I smile, then the door opens and Zayn has to get off. I wave goodbye and head off to my room. I see Niall by the door waiting. "Hey Lil! Wanna come with us to this party? It's going to be insanely awesome!" I laugh and say Ill go. I go into my room and get out of my black tie apparel. I put on a pair of shorts and a crop top. I place my high heels out and step into them. God they hurt. I walk out and find them all waiting there. "Hey love ready to have fun? Zayn's not coming so we should have fun." I look at him scared, "Correction, he will be coming later, he had to talk with the manager." Liam said smiling. I wonder why, then Harry whispered,"I'll get my alone time with you." Oh god right the kiss, oh
Oh no.

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