A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


3. Bad Decisions

LILY POV:  I couldn't stand the hate. I tried to write my feelings away but it didn't work. Zayn was with the boys this week, so I was alone. Jessie and Emily are both on vacation. My sisters were mad I didn't tell them I was dating Zayn from One Direction so they weren't talking to me. Somehow the fans found out about my parents and saying horrible things about me. It's only been 2 weeks of us dating! Finally I couldn't stand the pain. I grabbed my Swiss Army knife and sat on the floor. I knew it was wrong, but what other option did I have! "I'm so sorry Zayn." I said and held the knife to my wrist. Then I hear,"Sorry for what babe." Zayn walks in the door and he ran over. He slapped the knife out of my hand and looked at me. "Babe what were you planning on doing!" He shouts, grabbing my wrist looking at it. I started to cry,"I had no option Zayn, my sisters hate me, the fans know my life so they are telling me the worst things.." I stop he wraps me in a hug. "Promise me you will never try that again babe." Zayn says, I stare at him,"I won't Zayn I promise." He looks at me,"I hate to see you like this I.. I love you too much for anything bad to happen to you." He picks me up and drives me over to his place. "I can not leave you alone right now, you can come to the music video shoot tomorrow, I need to know your ok at all times." Zayn says opening the door. Then, Harry is sitting on Zayn's couch crying. Zayn walked over and started talking to him.

ZAYN POV: "Harry what are you doing here!" I say trying to keep my voice down. He looks up at me,"I'm forever alone." He whimpers."Oh god please leave Harry." I said pointing to the door. He walks up and passes Lily saying, "Hello love your cute." He shut the door behind him. I was fuming at Harry. Every time I got a girlfriend Harry tried to take her from me. He is a nice friend, but the girls love him. She walks over to me and asks," Why is Harry flirting with me doesn't he know that we are dating?" I wrap my arms around her. "I don't know Lil but he hits on all my friends that are girls if course. And I really don't want your heart to be broken by Harry." I say. "He flirts with everyone? My lord I'm going to stay away from him. Zayn don't worry, I love you not him." She says, that was the first time she had said I love you to me. I smile and kiss her, I'm so lucky to have her. We snuggled on the couch until Lily fell asleep. I carried her to my room and laid her on my bed. I got in next to her and lay her head on my chest. Finally I fall asleep from stroking her hair. I wake up and see its 8:00 am. I shake Lily awake,"When did we end up here?" She asks, I told her I carried her up. We got up and got changed. She wore one of my button up shirts and her jeans. We eat breakfast and head out. In the car Lily starts to sing along with Behind The Music by Cher Lloyd. I could listen to her sing all day long. We finally got there and Niall,Liam, and Louis were in makeup. Harry was missing, I have a bad feeling about that. "Babe you can sit over by Jeff and Hailey, the directors of the shoot." She nodded and walked over and sat down in a directors chair. I headed over to makeup. "How's Lily?" Louis asked smirking, "Yeah! Tell us!" Niall shouted, I laughed and told them I asked her out. "Oooooooooooo!" Niall shouted. I look over and see Harry is by Lily.

LILY POV: I was chatting with Jeff and Hailey when Harry walked over. "Hey love." Harry said smirking,"Uh hi Harry." I said annoyed, I didn't want Zayn to think I was flirting. "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" Harry said smirking, he reached for my hand but I slap it away. "Harry I'm in a relationship and I'm happy so go hit on  other girl." I say looking away back at Jeff and Hailey. "Ouch love, seriously c'mon live a little." Harry says, I looked at him shocked."So cheating when your in a amazing relationship is living?" I said, really annoyed. Then Zayn walked over and said. "Lilly's mine Harry." He wrapped his arms around me and Harry walked away.  I mouthed thank you to Zayn and he smiled. I told how uncomfortable Harry made me and I could see Zayn was happy about that. They went on with the photo-shooting and I watched Zayn smile at me whenever he could. But then, Harry would smirk at me and just make me uncomfortable. Niall walked over and asked," Lily, I want to ask out Em but how should I?" I responded,"She loves cheesy romantic things, and roses." He smiles and thanks me. Later Liam walked over and asked,"Where should I take Jessie out to dinner? This is our first date as a couple and I don't wanna screw.. " I cut him off," Do you know how happy she is with you? She would still be happy if you went to a mud hut! You won't screw it up Liam." He smiles and says," Thank you and Lily anything you need, I'm here for you." I thank him and he goes back to the photo shoot. Finally they finished and I headed out. I found a tree and decided to climb it. Then, Zayn and Harry came walking out. "Harry! No argument she's my girlfriend! Not yours!" Zayn shouted. "But she's so beautiful Zayn! I won't break her heart! Can I just have her?" Harry says. Zayn looked angry,"Harry you will break her heart. Like you did to all of my other friends." Zayn says storming off. I try to stay silent but my foot slips and the leaves rustle. Harry starts to walk over. Shit! I pull out my phone and put in my headphones to make it like I didn't hear anything. I didn't want Zayn thinking I listen to other people's conversations. "Lily is that you?" Harry saids looking up. I pull out my headphones,"You guys are done? Oh let me find Zayn." I hop off the tree and Harry grabs my hand. "Love c'mon Zayn won't treat you right." I thrash my hand out and head off. I find Zayn and kiss him. I have to make it very clear to Harry that I'm with Zayn. "Babe what was that for?" Zayn says dazed. I turn around and find Harry trudging away. "Because I love you Zayn." I respond, he smiles and put his arm over my shoulder. "Can you drive me to the airport? I'm meeting Niall and Liam there to pick up Jessie and Emily?" I ask, he nods and we get in the car. When we get there Niall and Liam are writing on a sign. "Hey guys! We are making like a choffear sign for them!" Niall says holding 7 markers in one hand. I look at him and he says," I don't know their favorite colors! Don't judge me!" I laugh and sit down to help. We finish and we carry it over. We wait and Zayn holds my hand the whole time making sure no guys flirt with me. Finally I saw Emily and Jessie come out and they point to me and make a heart. I run over and hug them. " you would not believe the week I have lived without you guys!" I say. They run over and Jessie and Liam kiss.  But Niall and Emily hug. I hope they date, they would be the cutest couple. Zayn and I kiss goodbye and Em and Jess make a oooooo! Sound. I laugh and head off into Liam's car. "Liam can you drop me and Em off at the park? I have something to show her." Emily blushes and puts her head on Nialls head. They get dropped off at the park and I get dropped off at my flat. I find my sister Paige was there.

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