A Player In The Game

Falling in love is easy. But again with the same person? Now that's hard.


9. 2 Long Weeks

ZAYN POV: I clutched my heart. Why did it have to hurt so bad? I walk in and find my manager waited. "Your needed in America." We got on the jet and I pulled out my notebook. I wrote down 1 word, Trust. I started to write like a bloody mad man. Once the plan landed I had a song. We headed out and we got to an interview. Halfway through the interview the lady turned to me. "Now how's Layn? Still going strong?" I got up,"Um excuse me," I said and I walked out. I called Lily. "Hello? Zayn I'm listening to the interview, why'd you leave? You don't want me why don't you just say it!" She said, I could hear her crying, "Babe I love you and I will do anything to get you back." She hung and went back to interview. "We heard the conversation, how sweet! You want her back in America with you!" I wish I thought. Finally the interview ends. "Zayn what did you do to Lily!" Louis shouted. " This girl came running up and whispered,'I hate you and Lily together.' She just kissed me and Lily walked in." The boys made an ouch. Sound. My heart sank. Lily is such a pretty name. Lily and Zayn, Layn. My heart snapped in half. I miss her so much. This whole time Harry was on his phone. "Harry who are you texting?" Niall asks, he smirks,"Lily." I run over and steal his phone. "Hey!" I hear Harry shout. I start to text her. 

Lily-Hey Harry, Zayn is driving me insane. Doesn't he know that's exactly what my last bf did?
Harry- i don't know love but I miss you.
Lily- I miss you guys alot but I need time away from Zayn. Part of me still likes him and wants to forgive him. 

She does?! I give the phone back to Harry. I smile. I pull out my notebook and edit the song for Lily. We get to the hotel and I go mope in my room.

LILY POV: I spend the day texting Harry.

Harry- Hey sorry bout that love:)
Lily- what do you mean?
Harry- one of the guys took my phone.
Lily- Why did you let Zayn take your phone? 
Harry- I tried to get it back:(
Lily- gtg
Harry- bye love:)

So Zayn saw that text about how I still kind of like him? My life is over. I sat down at my keyboard and wrote out my feelings. 

ZAYN POV: I moped in bed until the boys practically broke down my door. "What!" I shout, "Zayn we have good news! It's about Lily!" Niall shouts. I jump up and run to the door. I open the door and find them there. "She's coming in 3 days!" Liam shouts. 3 days! I have to finish the song. I ran back in my room and pulled out the keyboard. I let the music flow through my hands. Once it was 6:00pm I call Lily. "Zayn why are you calling me? More importantly why did you take Harrys phone?" "I needed to talk to you somehow." I said, "Zayn remember at the shoot when Harry was flirting with me? Well he told me to live a little and I told him cheating isn't living. But I guess it is for you Zayn. I gotta go Jess needs help." She hangs up. I feel a tear roll down my cheek. She stood up for me against Harry. I threw on a tux. I meet the boys down in the lobby. Louis was tying Niall's bow tie. "3 more days Zayn."   Niall said, I have gone through almost 2 weeks without Lily! I straightened my tie and walked out to the limo with them. I sat next to Harry and looked at his phone. No new texts. We drive up and I feel the icy chill of the wind. We make it to our table and we sit down. All I could think about was Lily. I need to win her back. My life has been miserable without her. Or at least knowing she's mine. Then, she walks out on stage.

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