A Love Story??

2 Best Friends, go to the same school--- 2 boys change their lives.. but along comes drama and stupid arguments...


16. Where is she?!

Destiny's POV-
"Any sight of her Jared?!" I yelled. He shook his head. I sighed. I couldn't tell my mom that I lost my BEST FRIEND. We kept looking for hours. It was about 4:30pm. Then I saw Cavin carrying her bridal style. "JARED I SEE HER" I screamed.

Hailey's POV-
"If anyone is making you lose you're virginity, it's me! When we turn 16 or later." Cavin assured me. I laughed. But my everything still hurt. I had bruises and rope burns. On one of my arms, Chris had slice a peice of my skin. After it stopped bleeding, he kissed my scar. I hugged him after he set me on my feet. He held my hands and we all went for a walk. "Hailey, Jared, Destiny! Time to come in!" Destiny's mom yelled. We all rushed in and we told her mom everything.

Cavin's POV-
I just saved her. I was gonna have trouble telling her what I was doing when Chris took me... "Hailey, can I talk to you??" I asked her. She nods and grabs my hand and we walked up the hallway. "Whats'up ?" She asked me. Her blue eyes made my heart melt..."Well, when Chris took me..I was," I choked up. "You were what?" She asked. I saw in her eyes that she was worried. "I was on my way to Chelsea's house." I say. "Who's Chelsea?" She asked. I started to tear up.. "Shes um, my.. My other girlfriend.." I say.


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